Features to Keep Your Dog Safe...

All our dog ramps are made of solid hardwood, making them very strong and sturdy (unlike the others on the market which are often made overseas and of softwood/pine).

Our ramps also feature our unique soft, rubbery anti-slip surface that gives incredible paw grip to dogs of all abilities (and is much better than slippery carpet!).

Combine that with our adjustable-height, low incline design and safety rails, mean our dog ramps are the easiest and safest way for your dog to get up and down for the couch and even the tallest beds.

dog ramp for bed or couch safety features
dog ramp to match furniture

...Finishes to match your home

Finally, quality dog ramps that actually match your furniture! All our ramps are made of furniture-calibre maple hardwood, and are 100% handmade in North America.

We are the only dog ramps on the market that come in 5 beautiful finish options to match your home and style, including: Clear Natural, Walnut, Coastal Grey, Jet Black, Snow White.

Enjoy the beautiful natural wood grain of the maple hardwood, making these truly furniture-quality dog ramps that you and your dog will love - guaranteed or your money back!

And Vet Recommended!

"Our pets are family, and they should be able to spend time with us on the sofa or the bed without a risk of injury, which is why I firmly believe ALL small dogs should absolutely be using dog ramps in their home; and even the medium and large dogs who are senior, have health issues, or are at risk of joint injuries.

I am incredibly impressed with DoggoRamps and all their safety features. The surface is extremely grippy and easy for them to climb, and their bed ramps even having railings. Plus they are strong and beautifully built to be in the home!"

- Dr. Lisa Lippman, DVM, is one of the most influential veterinarians in the United States. She is nationally respected by media outlets such as Inside Edition, Good Morning America, and Live with Kelly and Ryan as a go-to source for expertise in pet health and safety.

Further Words From a Veterinarian Rehabilitation Specialist:

"Let’s face it - dogs want to be on our beds or couches with us.  But if they have had spinal pain or leg issues, being at altitude poses a risk when they choose to jump down and send sudden shocks through their back and legs.  Even getting on the furniture can be difficult for small dogs.  Once a spine or leg problem is identifed, I want my patients to avoid further injury.  
DoggoRamps provides a low impact and easy way for your dog to negotiate getting up and down and offers peace of mind in helping prevent spine-jarring jumps. Consider this product to help your dog reach new heights - safe and sound."

Dr. Gumley, DVM, ABVP, CCRP, CVPP, CVMA, is a specialist with the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners and is certified as a Canine Rehabilitation Therapist with a great deal of experience in diagnosing, treating, and rehabilitating mobility issues in canines.