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A Bed Ramp for Small Dogs

We all worry about our dog jumping off the bed and hurting themselves, especially if you own a dachshund or a breed prone to back problems. Sadly, 1 in 4 dachshunds will have intervertebral disc disease in their lifetime, so preventing injury is key. 

But even if injury is not your worry, DoggoRamps lets your dog conveniently get on and off the bed with no hassle, meaning you get to enjoy more cuddle time! The ramp holds up to 25lbs dogs but is ideal for pups under 20lbs.

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Adjustable in Height, Orientation, and with Reversible Railings

The DoggoRamp adjusts from around 37" high down to 3", and can be completely folded down to be easily stowed away or hidden under a bed.

Plus, the railings of the ramp are reversible and can be positioned on EITHER side of the ramp, allowing you to orient the ramp whichever way works best and always have the railings on the outside edge.

Completely Foldable, Collapsible, and Stowable

The DoggoRamp can be folded down completely, railings and safety rope removed, so it can easily be stowed under a bed, upright in a closet, or taken with you in the car for your weekend at the cabin.

The ramp itself weighs less than twelve pounds so can be easily moved or carried, plus it also makes shipping less expensive which is why we are able to offer FREE SHIPPING. Whoohoo!

Is it Sturdy? YES!

The DoggoRamp comes with a simple yet innovative way of anchoring the ramp for ultimate sturdiness. A safety rope with a wood block is placed under the mattress, with the block on the opposite side of the bed as the ramp. Pull the rope tight and tie off to the leg of the ramp, and bingo - it's sturdy and safe!

Plus, the rope can be attached in a variety of ways, so even if your bed does not follow the traditional setup, there's plenty of ways to attach which we detail in our setup videos.

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Questions You Might be Wondering About...

What height of bed will the DoggoRamp work for?

The DoggoRamp can reach bed heights (top of mattress) to about 37", and can go as low as 12", including every interval in between. It's worth noting that if using the ramp at its full extension (and full steepness), it's not recommended for dogs that are very old or have mobility issues, as there is some strength required to walk up the ramp.

Will the DoggoRamp work for a couch?

Although not necessarily designed for a couch, it can absolutely work. Especially if your dog is older or does not have much mobility left, the length of the DoggoRamp provides a nice easy incline for a dog to get up onto a couch.

It looks like it could tip over. Is the DoggoRamp sturdy?

Yes, and this is maybe one of the simplest yet most effective innovations of the DoggoRamp! If you didn't see yet, each ramp comes with a safety rope, which is a rope with a block of wood tied to one end. You place this rope under your mattress, with the wood block on the opposite side of the ramp. Pull the rope tight and tie it off to the leg of the ramp. Your ramp will never tip over and is super sturdy!

How heavy/large of a dog can this accommodate?

The DoggoRamp is designed for small dogs less than about 25lbs. The width of the ramp itself is 9". 

Does the DoggoRamp come assembled?

The DoggoRamp comes completely assembled, but the railings and safety rope come unattached so you can configure the orientation yourself. Installation is super easy and detailed in our help videos.

What are dimensions of the ramp?

The ramp is 70" long and 12" wide in total, with the walkway itself about 9" wide.

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