Dog Ramp for Couch

Now With Optional Safety Rails

Adjustable Height & Foldable

For Dogs up to 150lbs

Handcrafted with Solid Hardwood

100% Made in North America

The DoggoRamps Couch Ramp provides an impact-free way up and down from the couch - especially for dogs susceptible to injuries from jumping such as dachshunds - but for other dogs, too; a ramp is easier on the joints and is just more convenient!

✔️ [NEW] Optional Safety Rails

✔️ Adjustable Height & Foldable

✔️ Mini Landing Platform

✔️ Special Ant-Slip Surface

Dog Ramp for Couch

DoggoRamps 60 Day Guarantee and 1 Year Warranty, free shipping

Finally, a dog ramp for the couch that keeps your dog safe from joint and back injuries, AND complements your home! Our dog couch ramp is handcrafted from furniture-grade solid hardwood right here in North America, and has unique features to deliver the highest level of functionality for your dog.

  • NEW! Optional safety rails, providing the utmost safety and versatility for the dogs who need it. Railing kit includes: 2 side rails, 1 top rail, bolts and allen key for easy attachment. (Already own the couch ramp but want to add rails? Buy just the Railing Kit here).
  • Adjustable height for all couches (from 14" to 21").
  • Folds flat to just 3", so is easily portable.
  • Landing platform at the top, making it easier for the dog to step on and off.
  • Holds dogs up to 150lbs, ideal for any size dog that might benefit from a ramp; dachshunds, corgis, yorkies, chihuahuas, pugs, basset hounds and more. 
  • Unique anti-slip surface; a soft, rubbery surface that provides incredible traction and is way better than carpet!
  • Comes fully assembled in the box. Railings are easily attached with included allen key.
  • Includes our expert-developed dog ramp training guide.
  • Made of solid Maple hardwood right here in North America!
  • Dimensions: 36" long, 15" wide. Folds flat to 3" high. Weighs 20lbs.
Benefits of solid hardwood dog ramp, strong sturdy safer and furniture quality
Benefits of solid hardwood dog ramp, strong sturdy safer and furniture quality

The Solid Hardwood Advantage

All our dog ramps are crafted of solid Maple hardwood, and made here in North America. We strive to deliver a high quality furniture product, backed by a manufacturer warranty. We can't offer the same prices as something made overseas, but by purchasing from us, we hope you take pride in supporting local jobs & manufacturing.

✔️ Very strong, sturdy, durable

✔️ The standard in true furniture quality

✔️ Beautiful and unique graining

✔️ Better finishing quality and staining

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Customer Reviews

Based on 686 reviews
Pascale Oertel
Awesome Ramp

I got this ramp because my dog hurt his leg and couldn't climb the stairs we bought him. The ramp was easily assembled and we changed the configurations until we found one that works best for him. He easily climbs up and down. My only suggestion is that you offer a nonslip pad to place under it for wooden floors. Once i kept the ramp from sliding my dog could freely run up and down the ramp safely. While the ramp was pricey, it was worth my baby's improved quality of life. I think this will be the last ramp i will need to buy.

Jessica Bain
Perfect for Dachshund Recovering from IVDD

One of my dachshunds recently had surgery for IVDD and I knew we needed a new ramp for the couch as the one we had often deterred my pups from using it because of the carpeted surface and angle. When I saw this one I was hesitant but decided to give it a try and it’s so worth it!! My pups are finally using the ramp to get on and off the couch and it’s perfect for their backs. The one recovering from IVDD also uses it and has no problems. I would suggest the rails as it helps them not jump from the middle or fall off. I love the different heights it offers and the surface material prevents them from slipping. This is the only ramp I’ve bought that works for all three of my dachshunds and I would recommend this to anyone! I’m considering a bed ramp as this one has impressed me so much :)
Thank you DoggoRamps!!

Pup Lover
Best Dog Ramp Ever!

Very well designed. High quality. Perfection! Highly recommend.

Stephanie Newhard
Love it!

We had previously bought a large dog bed ramp for our 2 senior German shepherds and love it... We recently adopted a Senior dachshund and we didn't want him jumping off the couch. We bought the couch ramp and love it. He learned quickly and our German shepherd uses it now too. It is portable enough that we take it in our 5th wheel for a bed ramp while camping. Great quality and verybstylish. We have recommended Doggo ramps to several friends and they love it as well.


Beautifully designed and just what I was looking for!


I ordered these ramps to replace the ones I had. These were made so much better and they came in different colors but the material on the ramps were a nice non slip material. The other ones I had had some kind of a rough sand paper material and my oldest dachshund would not climb it. She refused to. She would slide down and could never get a good grip. But now she goes up and down the ramps without any help. My three dachshunds love them and so do I.

Beverly Hughes
Couch ramp works great

Arrives and is as described. Fully assembled easy to set up used a treat to show the dog how to use. It caught on very quickly. I also use it in the bedroom as I have A bench in front of the bed so the ramp gets the dog to the bench and then he can easily get from the bench up onto the bed. Highly recommend height is easily adjusted surface material is sturdy.

Perfect as always

We have a bed ramp, 2 couch steps and now a couch ramp. All have been very well made and worth every penny.

Mary Wiles
I have 4

I bought the bed one first. My dogs (both seniors) were skeptical. I put treats up and down the ramp and they now love their ramp. They literally run in the bedroom and up the ramp. After seeing how great the ramp is I bought one for my spare bedroom. They love naps in that room. Then I bought one for couch. Then a second for couch. Can’t imagine life without my ramps. I have one outside bc they love naps outside. If we are going to have weather, it’s light enough to carry inside.

Denise Dean
Couch ramp great for a low bed

We have been Doggo ramp owners for several years. All of our dogs use the ramp to go to a high bed. Enter Blossom, our 10 month old puppy. She prefers the low bed and loves to play on it. We started training her with treats to get her used to going up and down the ramp. And now we motivate her with her toys.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shipping time and cost?

Shipping is 100% free for all orders to mainland USA & Canada.

Orders to the USA ship from Tennessee, and ship same day if order placed by 4pm ET, and take only 2-4 days to arrive anywhere across the USA.

Orders to Canada ship from Ontario and ship same day if order placed by noon ET, and take 3-7 days to arrive anywhere across Canada.

How do I train my dog to use the ramp?

In each product box, we include our expert-developed Training Steps Pamphlet which has been proven to be super effective and make a huge difference, especially for dogs that are more timid of new things. Plus, if you still experience any challenges, you can reach out to us and our time will personally guide you with training tips and coaching for your specific dog and scenario. 

What is the return policy?

If your ramp doesn't work out for whatever reason, we happily offer a flexible, hassle-free 60-day return period (read full policy here). If dog training/use is your issue, we always appreciate the opportunity to help. Reach out to us anytime at

Is there a warranty?

Yes! We stand behind the quality of our products, and proudly offer a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on all our products. Read the full policy here

I'm not sure which ramp to choose?

It first depends on whether you're looking for a couch or bed solution.

If you're looking for a couch solution, see our couch ramp which works for all dogs up to 150lbs.

If you're looking for a bed ramp, then it depends on the size of your dog. If you have a small dog under 40lbs, see our small dog bed ramp. If you have a dog over 40lbs, OR if you have several or more smaller dogs, choose our large bed ramp for the higher weight limit and wider platform. 

Still have a question?

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