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Finally a couch ramp for dogs that actually LOOKS GOOD and MATCHES your furniture. We combined ergonomic design, strength, functionality, and beautiful aesthetics in a brand new couch ramp that helps make your home living environment SAFER and more convenient for your pups.

  • Adjustable height from 14" to 21", with 4 slot adjustments.
  • Completely collapsible to less than 3" tall when folded flat.
  • Featuring our unique PAWGRIP anti-slip surface for unprecedented traction.
  • Holds over 150lbs.
  • Comes in 5 beautiful colors.
  • Made of furniture-grade hardwood.
  • 100% made in North America.

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Customer Reviews

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Great quality & my dog loves it!

My dog was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease so is no longer allowed to jump on/off furniture. I have 2 couch ramps, and they are fabulous! They are really well made....definitely furniture quality. The ramp surface is perfect and my dog is very confident going up & down without slipping. 5+ stars!


Thank you so much for the quality ramp. My Molly started using it immediately and we love how adjustable it is. She’s a petite Labrador at only 60 lbs. She had a back injury last summer and I’d love to also have a bed ramp but she exceeds the weight limit. Please make one to accommodate her weight :) We really appreciate our awesome couch ramp, thank you again!!

Love it!

bought the couch ramp last week and was surprised how quick it arrived, 4 days. I chose the walnut which is beautiful; it fits right in with our furniture, and looks like a piece of furniture. The quality is excellent and it is very sturdy at any of the settings. We made the purchase due to one of our dogs requiring back surgery due to a disc. I never thought we would have this issue and the dogs have gone up and down the stairs for years (both dachshunds). Now after spending enough on surgery and medical expenses to buy a used car (literally), the ramp was a no-brainer, and we will be getting the bed one as well. The best feature, I think, is the no slide surface on the ramp. It is really great. I was leery about them using it but the smaller one took right to it and uses it constantly. She cannot get onto the couch without assistance and we did have steps there but she took right to the ramp going up and down. I was worried about her wanting to still jump off the couch but with some correction, she understands to go down the ramp as well. We have neighbors with doxies who were over yesterday to view it and they will be purchasing as well - one of the dogs also had back surgery. I can't say enough good about this ramp and can't wait to order up the bed ramp. I encourage every doxie owner to consider these; the back issues are no fun and has been a real financial undertaking and now the rehab begins which is no treat. Make the investment! Thank you for such a wonderful product and hopefully preventing any further back issues in our household!

Great quality

Love the ramp. Very sturdy, not slippy at all. My puppy took to it right away!!

Best Ramps We've Had

Our dogs love the DoggoRamps way more than the previous ramps we had! With the anti-slip surface, they no longer have to run before climbing and can stop at any time. The build quality and finish are also better than other products. We ended up replacing all the ramps we had for the bed and couch with DoggoRamps. We highly recommend them to any small dog parents!

The Perfect Ramp

We were so happy to hear they were doing a couch ramp. Ordered one on the Indigogo campaign and was so happy with it, we ordered another! It has been perfect for both my Corgi and Dachshund. They are very confident in using it and have had no problems. High quality, sturdy and the perfect size. Love that it can be folded and moved. Shipping was prompt and we are all around super happy and would highly recommend them!

Couch ramp

Our 20 year old cat and 16 year old dachshund love the DoggoRamp Couch Ramp just as much as the love the DoggoRamp Dog ramp they have for the bed. Both ramp are constructed so well and look fantastic. So glad I have purchased both versions.

Couch ramp

The ramp is so well made it fits in as a piece of furniture in my den. It's taking time for my sweet dog to catch on but the videos are great for giving some good suggestions. He is eight years old and a rat terrier chi. mix. I'm working on my Bassett Hound now who is more open to using it so easily. She is three. The suggestions in training by the company and watching Crusoe's dad worked great with her. She has pretty much mastered it in The short time we have owned it. The grip 'flooring' on the ramp helps them from not sliding at all. I would and already have recommended to friends. I want to thank the company for the quick response and delivery of this item!

Great ramp!

This ramp has been a life saver for my little guy, he's a min pin/dachshund mix. He recently hurt his back so I purchased this couch ramp to keep him from jumping on and off the couch. He had no issues learning it the moment I put it up and it levels perfect with the couch. I love the spongy texture as well, he likes to run up and down it sometimes and that keeps him on it. He is much better now and this ramp is part of the reason. Will be ordering another one for the summer cabin!

Loved the bed ramp so much we got a couch ramp!!

Yes, we also bought a couch ramp. We have 1 Corgi and 4 dachsunds so this is very handy for us. We got tired of picking the dachsunds up to put on the couch.
Now they are independent and can just walk up and down the ramp. :) Love it.