Dog Care Tips: When is the best time to introduce your dog to a dog ramp?

Puppy Care: When is the best time to introduce your dog to a dog ramp?

Dog ramps provide a safer and more convenient way for dogs to access couches, beds, and other pieces of furniture. 

But when exactly is the best time to introduce your dog to a ramp? 

While dog ramps are beneficial at any age, the best time to introduce your dog to one is usually when you're least likely to be thinking about mobility aids for your dog - and that’s during puppyhood. 

So if you’re planning on bringing a new puppy home, here are 5 reasons why dog ramps belong on your puppy essentials list.

1. Protecting Your Puppy’s Developing Bones

Even though puppies tend to come across as resilient and capable, repetitive jumping on and off furniture isn’t necessarily safe and can lead to consequences that last a lifetime. 

Depending on your pup’s expected size, a puppy’s bones can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months to develop after birth. The larger the breed, the longer the development process takes. 

During this time, a puppy’s bones and joints are particularly vulnerable because their growth plates haven’t closed. As a result, the stress from jumping on and off furniture can not only lead to accidental injuries, but long-term musculoskeletal damage as well. 

Dog ramps can help reduce the chances of these issues occurring by providing puppies with an easy and low-impact means of getting on and off elevated areas.  

A Miniature Dachshund Puppy Sleeping on their Dog Ramp
The DoggoRamps Couch Ramp lets this Miniature Dachshund puppy safely access the couch whenever he wants.

2. Less Stress on Joints Over Time

Jumping off furniture continues to be considered a high-impact activity for dogs after puppyhood as well. This means that it puts a fair amount of stress on a dog’s joints, especially when done on a daily basis over a long period of time.

Repetitive jumping from elevated surfaces can not only lead to unnecessary wear and tear on a dog’s joints, but it can also increase a dog’s chances of sustaining a jumping-related injury.

By introducing your dog to a ramp while they're still a puppy, they will have a safer and more convenient way of getting on and off furniture, and consequently, reduce the amount of stress they put on their joints and dangers they expose themselves to for their entire life. 

Shih Tzu Puppy with their Dog Ramp for the Couch
This 11-week old Shih Tzu puppy was introduced to a dog ramp after her 12-year old brother tore his ACL as a result of jumping off furniture. Now, both pups can easily and safely get up and down from their favorite hangout spot.

3. Puppies Have Fewer Established Habits and Behaviors 

Being new to the world, puppies haven’t yet had the time to learn specific habits, routines, and behaviors. In other words, compared to adult dogs, they are less set in their ways. 

For this reason, it can end up being easier to train a puppy to use a dog ramp in contrast to an adult dog who has already established the habit of jumping on and off furniture and has been doing so for years. 

Not sure how to go about training your dog to use a dog ramp? Check out our expert-developed training guides! (They've helped dogs of all ages, sizes, and abilities become Ramp Champs!)

In fact, when introducing a puppy to a ramp early on, they may not end up even having the chance to experience jumping off furniture and consider that an option. 

4. The Best Time to Build Habit

Again, compared to adult dogs, puppies tend to be more interested in new experiences and situations. They are usually more active and have a stronger desire to explore the world around them.

This puppy curiosity and bravery can help young dogs quickly and easily get the hang of using dog ramps.

A trail of treats had this puppy walking up his ramp in no time!

And an early introduction to a ramp won't just teach a puppy a skill that will last a lifetime. It will also help make the dog's ramp use very reliable in the future since it will be all they have ever known as a way up and down. 

Here's what one dog owner had to share about introducing her Dachshund puppies to the DoggoRamps StepRamp:

Two Dachshund Puppies sitting on a sofa chair with their DoggoRamps Step-Ramp in front of them

"My sweet puppies, 4 and 5 months old love their new ramp! I used treats and they learned how to use in a matter of minutes...  I feel comfortable knowing I can briefly step away leaving them sitting on the couch or chair and they have a safe way down."


5. Being Prepared for the Future

Whether a pup plays a little too roughly or overexerts themself, despite our best efforts as dog owners, accidents can happen. 

If a dog is trained to use a ramp during puppyhood, they will retain the ability to use it for the rest of their life - including when they need it most. This will allow dogs to continue accessing and enjoying their favorite spots when jumping is definitely not an option.

One dog parent recently shared:

5-Star Dog Ramp Review - DoggoRamps

The Best Dog Ramps

There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing an indoor ramp for your dog. 

It’s not only necessary for a dog ramp to be able to support the size and weight of your dog, but it’s also important for it to do so safely and securely without shifting or wobbling, especially since dogs are less likely to use devices that feel insecure. In most cases, ramps made from foam, plastic, or even a softwood such as pine prove to be insufficient.

It’s equally vital for dog ramps to have a surface that provides excellent traction and a gentler slope in order for the ramp to be easy for a dog to use. 

Learn more about choosing the right dog ramp for your pup here.

DoggoRamps are the only indoor dog ramps that tick all these boxes and more.


  • Are crafted from furniture-grade, solid hardwood - meaning they’re strong, sturdy, and built to last. 
  • Provide superior traction - the surface of every DoggoRamp features a unique, rubbery anti-slip surface, which offers significantly more grip than carpet.
  • Have a long, low-incline design to give dogs a more gradual slope to navigate - making DoggoRamps safer and more comfortable for dogs to use.
  • Work with virtually all couches and beds. (All full-fledged DoggoRamps come with a wide range of adjustable height settings and can accommodate beds up to 37” tall.)
  • Come with additional safety features, such as removable and reversible railings to help stop shortcut jumping. (Bed Ramps automatically come with safety rails, while Couch Ramps can be ordered with rails or without). 
Dogs of all ages and sizes using dog ramps

Big or small, young or old - pups of all ages and sizes love the convenience and safety provided by DoggoRamps!

Introducing your puppy to an indoor dog ramp has a wide range of benefits for their long term health and well-being. As a safe alternative to jumping off furniture, ramp use can not only help protect your puppy’s growing bones, but it can also reduce the amount of stress their joints and back experience throughout their entire life.

With their openness to new experiences and fewer set habits too, puppies are typically easy to train and may not even learn to consider jumping on and off furniture an option - which can provide peace of mind to pup owners concerned about the safety of their dogs at home.

So if you’re thinking about introducing your puppy to a dog ramp, make sure to check out:

Happy Ramping!

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