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Here at DoggoRamps, our mission is to provide a safer, more convenient life for your pups at home - with ramps that don't clash with your home, but rather compliment your style with solid hardwood design and beautiful finishes to match your furniture.

How the DoggoRamp Came to be; a Word from Our Founder:

Ryan and Crusoe, owners founders of DoggoRampsThey say necessity is the mother of all invention, and that is exactly how the DoggoRamp came about.

My little buddy Crusoe the Dachshund, underwent emergency surgery for a blown disc in his back in 2016. He unfortunately suffers from Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), which affects 25% of dachshunds as well as other long-bodied dogs.

Needless to say, that was an emotional (and expensive) experience that I never want to go through again, and nor should any pet owner.

However, Crusoe loves to spend time with us on the bed and couch, and I still wanted him to be able to do that without always worrying he might jump off.

So, through much trial and error and many iterations, I finally designed the original small dog bed ramp, which I used for Crusoe for a couple years before even bringing it to market. 

Fast forward to now, and I am so proud that the ramp I invented to better the life of my little pup, is now in over 10,000 homes of pet owners like you, where we've also now introduced our couch ramp and bed ramp for medium/large dogs, all to better help dogs enjoy a safer and more convenient life at home, just like my original invention helped us enjoy more quality time with Crusoe. 

Ryan Beauchesne

Owner/Founder, DoggoRamps

How & Where DoggoRamps Are Made

DoggoRamps manufacturing, North America made dog ramps

DoggoRamps manufacturingAll our ramps are made of solid, furniture-grade Maple hardwood. Not only that, but we build our ramps from raw lumber through to finished, boxed product, so we oversee the quality and construction all the way through the process. Not many manufacturers can say that!

As part our mission in business, we strive to support local jobs and manufacturing, and so our ramps are proudly and 100% made here in North America, utilizing components from both the United States and Canada, supporting our two hand-in-hand economies. Unfortunately, this is another thing not many manufacturers can still say today!

There's no doubt we could make our products in China or overseas and could save a lot of money... but that just doesn't align with our mission. Our goal in business, first-and-foremost, is to contribute our part, however small that may be, in making the world for us and our pups a better place.

So, when you choose the dog ramp for your pup, we hope that part of your decision might consider where the product is made, and just know that ours is made here, at home. 

The DoggoTeam

Jesse Customer Support DoggoRampsJesse, Customer Service & Sales

If you've used our website chat widget, or emailed us, it's likely been Jesse who has taken care of you. She knows the ins and outs of our product, and in the very rare instances where something goes wrong along the way, she is the one who will always make it better for you. She works from home with her kids and her dog, Lily, who is not overly enthusiastic about having her photo taken!


Lisa, Social Media & Influencer Outreach

If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or the likes (as you should!), that's Lisa running the machine! She also manages our influencer outreach and affiliate program. So if you have a doggo with a following, send her an email to and we just might be able to work together.

Ryan Beauchesne, owner DoggoRamps Inc.Ryan, Chief Pooper Scooper

Ryan is the inventor, founder, and owner of DoggoRamps, as well as the famous little pup by the name of Crusoe the Dachshund who you might have seen around on social media. When Ryan first launched the original DoggoRamp, he had no idea it would take off and become what it has today.  But now the company has grown and expanded, and Ryan oversees the overall management and direction of the company, as well as contantly improving and thinking of more amazing products that might make for better lives for our furry friends.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!