DoggoRamp - Small Dog Bed Ramp

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The best bed ramp for small dogs, allowing your pup to get on and off the bed, easily and safely.


  • Ideal for dogs under 25lbs 
  • Adjustable in height anywhere from 12" high to 37" high.
  • Completely collapsible down to total height of only 3".
  • Removable and reversible railings.
  • Comes with a simple yet very effective safety rope.
  • Training and installation videos on our website.

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Customer Reviews

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Genius Design

After my beloved Dachshund's spinal surgery to correct his IVDD, I order this ramp so he could reach his special perch and look out the window. The design of the ramp is genius! All the key features noted are accurate and what makes this ramp a cut above the rest. Purchasing it allowed me to give my dog his favorite pastime back. I love how easy it is to put together and take down as I have it set up in the livingroom and need to remove it when hosting guests. Thanks Ryan, you've thought of everything!

Sky ramp

Luna and Sadie love their ramp. They actually bounce up and down the ramp . I am never worried if I leave them on the bed ( unless there is an unattended sandwich). This ramp is a must for all the little pups!

Love it

We had steps to our bed, Magi would hesitate now and then about jumping up on them. I was worried they were not comfortable for her. When I saw Crusoe using his in the videos I asked my husband if he thought he could make a ramp. Then Ryan made some for us and what a blessing, Magi runs up and down them like it was meant to be. No hesitating Love it thank you so much Ryan.


DoggoRamp Best Ramp Ever

Received our DoggoRamp a couple weeks ago. We love it! Easy to setup watching the video. Watched the training video, Daisy was hesitant at first but we practiced a lot (with the help of her favorite treats in the beginning.) Didn't take her long though to figure it out. Easy to adjust to the height of the bed and secure it with the rope. Now she goes up and down all by herself. I've recommended the DoggoRamp to my friends, too.

Thank you for designing and creating the wonderful DoggoRamp for our Dachshund furbabies (or other small dogs). Ryan and Crusoe you are absolutely fabulous with the books, videos, and sharing your lives with all of us. God Bless you all.

Great ramp!

We received the Doggo ramp a couple of weeks ago, and my 5 month old Dachshund puppy 2 small treats and about 30 seconds before he started racing up and down the ramp whenever he wants to. At the same time, my 13 year old Dachshund took about 60 seconds and 2 treats to get her using the ramp. She sometimes even uses it instead of jumping off the bed, which is my ultimate goal. I also find the size, especially the width convenient since my husband is disabled...there is still plenty of room for him to walk past the ramp without tripping over it. It is functional, attractive, easy to use, and I even love the Doggo logo! Thanks for this useful and convenient and attractive ramp!