DoggoRamp 2.0 - The Best Bed Ramp for Small Dogs

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The new & improved DoggoRamp 2.0, the best bed ramp for small dogs to medium dogs under 40lbs, and the best dog ramp solution out there for both safety and convenience of allowing dogs on and off the bed. Vet recommended, dog trusted for an easier, safer way down without injury or effort.

  • (NEW) Made of Canadian-sourced furniture-grade Maple hardwood
  • (NEW) PAWGRIP anti-slip surface material
  • (NEW) Improved finish & 5 color options
  • (NEW) 2" wider platform (total 12" wide)
  • Adjustable in height from 12" up to 37"
  • Completely collapsible, portable
  • Reversible railings (total 3 railings)
  • Anchor rope for extra safety
  • For dogs up to 40lbs
  • Professional-consulted training videos & steps
  • Made in Ontario, Canada

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Customer Reviews

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Best ramp for our minis

The best thing going! Our two girls figured it out within minutes. Emmy is a successfully rehabbed IVDD Dachshund and we want to protect Barbara from the same diagnosis. The ramp makes it super easy for them to safely get up and down off the bed. Worth the wait (we placed one of the initial orders) and worth the money!

We have two - one for each house

We tried the ramp mostly for our older 9 yr old dog (looks just like crusoe but bigger) who had a bout with IVDD this past summer. We did six weeks of crating rather than surgery, and he walks and runs just fine now, but still some weakness in hind legs for climbing and jumping (which we try to prevent him from doing). So at first, we had to tempt him with treats to make the incline climb on the ramp, but even then unless he kept up enough momentum, he had trouble making it all the way to the top. So my husband added some wood strips across the ramp at intervals, screwed into the ramp over the carpet. That gave him enough to grab up on and push off of from the back to keep moving up the ramp. Sometimes we give his butt a little boost for the last part onto the bed.

Our 5 year old 10 pound doxie flies up the ramp and down again, because she thinks she is a cat. She can almost leap to the bed from the floor. But we feel better that she has the ramp to protect her from future IVDD issues. While it was no problem to lift our older, heavier dog up to the bed, we were very worried that he would jump down and then be paralyzed. So now he has a safe way to get down from the bed.

Because we have both a lake home and a regular house, we tried it out at our regular house first and once we were sure it would be the solution we were looking for, we ordered another one for the lake house. We would have preferred another walnut stain one, but those were out of stock, so for the lake house we did a whitewash finish. My husband appreciates the ingenious anchoring system. I like how easy it is to detach the anchor and fold up the ramp and slide it under the bed, if we want it put away when we entertain.

Hi Linda, We're very happy you love your two ramps ! We've had many customers slightly modify their ramps to their liking. We'd love to see pictures of the slats on it. Would you mind sending us an email to so we can have a look? Thanks again for the support!

We Love our ramp. Our dogs were not as easily trained as Crusoe, but eventually they got the hang of it. Our older dog (not a Dachshund) has found new freedom. She can get on and off the bed whenever she wants. No more waiting for someone to lift her up and put her on the bed. Sometimes she even gets on the bed whenever she wants to take a nap and we aren’t even in the bedroom with her. Although our main purpose in getting the ramp was to protect the health of our younger dog (a Dachshund), we found an added bonus for our older dog we didn’t even expect.

Thanks for using Crusoe’s celebrity status in a way that helps other dogs. He has made us laugh for years. Oakley too...especially when he missed the bus!

Highly Recommend

We recently got a much taller bed and the dog ramp we had previously had a very severe incline. The Doggo ramp is much longer than most others which allows the incline to be less steep. This is important for us because one of our dogs suffered IVDD and had back surgery. We were concerned our two dogs (one is 9 years, the other is 7) would be scared of it or have issues going up and down but they’ve never had any issues at all, even from the very first day! They shoot up their new ramp like it’s nothing. The footboard on the new bed is fabric and very thick, leaving a gap in between the ramp and mattress so we decided to put up our ramp vertically rather than horizontally so the dogs can get straight on the mattress without having to hop over the footboard. Luckily we have enough space in our room to do so. Doggo ramps was even willing to send us an extra set of rails after the fact so we could have rails on both sides since we decided to do our ramp different than all the pictures. Highly recommend this ramp!


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