What kind of dogs is the DoggoRamp for?

The DoggoRamp is designed for any small or medium-sized dog under 40lbs. We have seen all sorts of breeds using the DoggoRamp already, from smaller ones like chihuahuas, dachshunds, bichon frise, to more medium-sized dogs like corgis, pugs, spaniels, and more. Even some CATS are using it! 

The DoggoRamp was originally designed for dachshunds, mainly because their long backs (like corgis) make them so prone to back injuries, and who are especially at danger of hurting themselves when jumping/on or off the bed.

BUT, the DoggoRamp is not only a safety device; it is also a beautiful piece of furniture that delivers on the CONVENIENCE of allowing your pup onto and off the bed with ease, meaning less strain on their back.. and YOURS.

What bed heights will the DoggoRamp work for?

The DoggoRamp is fully adjustable and can be positioned to any height from 12" to 37" (which is essentially the highest bed someone would have).

Where do these ship from?

We use fulfillment centers in both the US and Canada, so all North American customers get free local shipping, with no cross-border taxes or duties. 

What is shipping time and cost?

Shipping is free to the USA and Canada. We do ship worldwide to other countries as well with an additional shipping charge. Customers outside USA & Canada may also expect tax/duties when importing.

Shipping time is generally around 3-5 business days when ramps are in stock.

Will the DoggoRamp work for a couch?

The DoggoRamp was specificially designed for a bed but there's nothing preventing you from using it for a couch. You may find it a little big/long for a couch setup, but if you have a special needs dog that really needs a gradual incline, it could work well.

What if my bed has a footboard? Or is an adjustable bed?

The anchor rope can still be attached to the foot board, in a slightly different method than place rope under the mattress, but with same affect. The only part you'll need to consider is how much of a gap you have between the foot board and your mattress, as the dog will need to be able to navigate between that area.

For an adjustable bed, it depends on how much the foot of the bed moves. An alternative solution may be to place the ramp along the side of the bed as opposed to the foot of the bed, with anchor rope running across width instead of lengthwise, as there will be less movement width-wise when adjusting.

Is the DoggoRamp sturdy?

Yes, and this is maybe one of the simplest yet most effective innovations of the DoggoRamp! If you didn't see yet, each ramp comes with an anchor rope, which is a rope with a block of wood tied to one end. Even though the DoggoRamp is quite sturdy to begin with, we always recommend you install the anchor rope for extra safety. See our setup page for more details.

How heavy/large of dog can this accommodate?

The DoggoRamp is designed for all types of small dogs, with a weight capacity of 40lbs. The width of the platform itself is 11", so it can handle wider, medium-sized dogs as well. For the even bigger dogs, stay tuned for our BIGDOG Ramp which should be coming later in 2019.

What are the dimensions of the ramp?

The ramp base is 63" long and 14" wide. The walkway area itself is about 12" wide.

What if my dog doesn’t use the ramp?

Majority of dogs take to the ramp very well, many getting the hang of it overnight. Some dogs need a little more time, which is perfectly normal. These dogs require a little more patience and dedication, but we firmly believe - and have seen - that any dog can learn to use the ramp.

We offer a very effective 3 step training process to train any dog, which has been developed through consultation with various expert dog trainers! And if you're still having trouble or have a special scenario, we are always happy to provide one-on-one guidance and training tips customized to you. Just email doggoramps@gmail.com.

Can I return the ramp if it doesn’t work out?

YES! If it doesn’t work out, you can return it within 30 days of receiving with your money back! See our return policy for more details.

Is it hard to set up?

NO! The DoggoRamp comes completely assembled. All you have to do is open the package, set up the railings to your liking then adjust the ramp to the appropriate height (but following our training process first). 

The only bit of "installation" needed is placing the anchor rope under your mattress and tying to the ramp.

Where and what is it made of?

The DoggoRamp is made of high-quality furniture grade Maple hardwood, and is manufactured in Ontario, Canada.

How do I teach my dog to use it?

We can have a very effective 3 step process to train any dog! See our training video, if you have any questions email us at doggoramps@gmail.com We’re happy to help with training.

What is PAWGRIP?

PAWGRIP is a soft, rubbery-like mat material that gives dogs excellent traction on the ramp. It prevents any slipping and sliding and helps dogs get comfortable with the ramp a lot sooner. 

How much do the ramps weigh?

The bed ramp weighs about 24 lbs, and then couch ramp weights 15 lbs.

Do you charge sales tax?

The price you see on our website will always be the all-in price with no additional fees or charges. If you are located in a state or province where we need to pay sales tax, the sales tax is then already included in the sale price you see on the website.