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General Company Questions

How fast do they ship?

Ramps usually ship within 3 business days and then can take 2-5 days to arrive to a North American address. Outside North America will likely take 5-10 business days.

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping is FREE to mainland USA & Canada. Extra shipping costs apply to international destinations. You can determine the cost by putting in your address information at checkout (before purchasing) to see the cost. We do not ship to Mexico at this time.

Where do they ship from?

To reiterate the above, we use fulfillment centers in both the US and Canada, so all North American customers get free local shipping, with no cross-border taxes or duties. 

Will I have to pay any duties?

Since our products ship locally from our distribution centers in both USA and Canada, customers in North America will not pay any duties. Customers outside of North America may have a duty or tax charge depending on your country's regulations upon receiving.

Do you offer a payment plan?

In fact, we do. We use a payment plan provider called Sezzle, which offers 4 biweekly payments at 0% financing. No credit check or approval needed. 

Just choose the 'Sezzle' option to at the last step of the Checkout process, which will take you to the Sezzle dashboard to login and complete the purchase there.

Do you charge sales tax?

The price you see on our website will always be the all-in price with no additional fees or charges, unless you are outside of North America wherein there is an extra shipping charge. If you are located in a state or province where we need to pay sales tax, the sales tax is then already included in the sale price you see on the website.

What if I have an issue with my ramp?

 We will always take care of any of our customers. Even though I track record is incredible at over 98% flawless products, being a handmade product sometimes little things can slip through, or sometimes damage can occur in shipping. Let us know right away of any issues, and we will either help you replace the part or replace the entire ramp if needed.

How do I teach my dog to use the ramps?

With both our ramps, we include a very effective 3 step process to train any dog. You can take a look at these on our training page. Even if you're confident in your dog's ability, we highly recommend you follow the process anyway to ensure the best possible introduction for your pup. 

The majority of dogs take to the ramp very well, many getting the hang of it overnight. Some dogs need a little more time, which is perfectly normal. These dogs require a little more patience and dedication, but all dogs are definitely capable, and if yours needs a little extra help, we are always happy to provide personalized coaching and guidance for you and your dog. 

If your dog is having trouble, please reach out to us. Oftentimes there is something we can do to help, and we do encourage people to practice and train for at least two weeks before deciding to return the ramp if needed.

What is your return policy?

If you feel your dog just cannot get the hang of it or that the ramp just isn't right for you, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days. The cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the customer, but there is no other re-stocking fee or anything.

Also, we are flexible, so if you want to keep the ramp a couple extra weeks to continue practicing to see if your dog can learn the ramp, we can extend the return period.

Where and what are they made of?

The DoggoRamp is made of high-quality furniture grade Maple hardwood, and is handmade in Ontario, Canada. Ramps are then distributed to our fulfillment centers in both the USA & Canada so they can ship locally to customers.


Bed Ramp FAQs

What kind of dogs is the DoggoRamp bed ramp designed for?

The DoggoRamp is designed for any small or medium-sized dog under 40lbs. We have seen all sorts of breeds using the DoggoRamp already, from smaller ones like chihuahuas, dachshunds, bichon frise, to more medium-sized dogs like corgis, pugs, spaniels, and more. Even some CATS are using it! 

The DoggoRamp was originally designed for dachshunds, mainly because their long backs (like corgis) make them so prone to back injuries, and who are especially at danger of hurting themselves when jumping/on or off the bed.

What is the weight limit for the bed ramp?

The DoggoRamp is designed for all types of small dogs, with a weight capacity of 40lbs. The width of the platform itself is 12", so it can handle wider, medium-sized dogs as well. For the even bigger dogs, stay tuned for our BIGDOG Ramp which should be coming soon.

What bed heights will the be ramp accommodate?

The DoggoRamp is fully adjustable and can be positioned to any height from 12" to 37" (which is essentially the highest bed someone would have). Our unique PAWGRIP surface and long ramp platform mean that even accessing the highest height is not hard for a regular dog!

Could I use the bed ramp work for a couch?

The DoggoRamp was specifically designed for a bed but there's nothing preventing you from using it for a couch. You may find it a little big/long for a couch setup, but if you have a special needs dog that really needs a gradual incline, it could work well, and we do see some people use it that way. Otherwise, do check out our dedicated couch ramp!

What if my bed has a footboard? Or is an adjustable bed?

The anchor rope can still be attached to the foot board, in a slightly different method than placing the rope under the mattress, but with the same effect. The only part you'll need to consider is how much of a gap you have between the foot board and your mattress, as the dog will need to be able to navigate between that area.

For an adjustable bed, it depends on how much the foot of the bed moves. An alternative solution may be to place the ramp along the side of the bed as opposed to the foot of the bed, with anchor rope running across width instead of lengthwise, as there will be less movement width-wise when adjusting.

Is it sturdy?

Yes, the DoggoRamp on its own is quite sturdy, but it has been designed to rely on the anchor rope as a safety and locking mechanism. This is maybe one of the simplest yet most effective innovations of the DoggoRamp! The anchor rope is a rope attached to a wood block. The rope goes under your mattress, with wood block on the opposite side of the bed of the ramp. Pull the rope tight and tie it to the leg of the ramp. The rope can also be tied directly to any part of the bed frame.

What are the dimensions of the ramp?

The ramp base is 63" long and 14" wide. The walkway area itself is about 12" wide.

How much does it weigh?

The bed ramp weighs about 24 lbs.

Is it hard to set up?

NO! The DoggoRamp comes completely assembled. All you have to do is open the package, set up the railings to your liking then adjust the ramp to the appropriate height (but following our training process first). 

The only bit of "installation" needed is placing the anchor rope under your mattress and tying to the ramp.


Couch Ramp FAQs

What kind of dogs is the couch ramp designed for?

The ramp is inherently, mostly designed for smaller-to-medium dogs just for the pure reason that smaller dogs need more help getting on and off the couch without hurting themselves, but the couch ramp can technically accommodate any breed, since the weight limit is 150lbs. We have seen many dogs, from small chihuahuas to bulldogs using the couch ramp

What is the weight limit for the couch ramp?

It's been well tested at 150lbs. So you should be safe with any size dog! 

What heights can the couch ramp be adjusted to?

The couch ramp is adjustable to 14", 16", 18", and 21" high, accommodating the most common couch-cushion heights.

Can I use the couch ramp for a bed?

Yes! If you have a lower(ish) bed, or a dog who is in good shape and maybe doesn't need the full-fledged bed ramp, or for a bigger dog who is too heavy for our bed ramp, the couch ramp can work well in the bedroom. 

What are the dimensions of the couch ramp?

35" long by 14" wide.

How much does it weigh?


Is there any assembly?

Nope! Just remove from the box, follow our introduction and training process, and adjust to the desired height!

Any other questions, just email us at