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  • dog step ramp for dogs


  • step ramp for dogs and couch ramp

    Covering all the bases

  • StepRamp for dogs - step and ramp combo
For benches, ottomans, couches

For Chairs, Ottomans, Couches, etc

ramp for large dogs up to 200 lbs

Holds up to 200lbs

comes fully assembled

No Assembly Required!

Solid hardwood dog ramps

Made of Solid Maple Hardwood

Made in North America

100% Made in North America

The Compromise Solution Between Dog Ramp and Stairs

Our new StepRamp is the compromise solution between a 'step' and a 'ramp', perfect for single chairs/chaises, ottomans, or even the couch - especially if space is a concern or if your dog just doesnā€™t need a full-fledged ramp!Ā 

āœ”ļø If you already have our couch ramp, the StepRamp is a great addition for secondary couches, single chairs or loveseats.

āœ”ļø The StepRamp can also be a great alternative to our couch ramp, especially if you're limited on space or your dog just doesn't need a full ramp.

āœ”ļøĀ Also great for hangout spots outside the living room that your dog likes to access, such as ottomans, benches, window nooks, and more.

šŸ’”Ā The StepRamp is designed for fairly active dogs who might otherwise jump on and off furniture (or who are starting to do so with difficulty). The StepRamp offers a helping step up and down to lessen the impact on their joints, but it still does require a small 6" hop from floor to ramp.

Step Ramp for Dogs

StepRamp for Dogs

60 day guarantee and 1 year warranty

The StepRamp combines the space-efficiency of a dog step with the ease of a dog ramp, and is ideal for all dogs that could benefit from a little help up onto their favorite hangout spot. The StepRamp is especially ideal for when you may not have enough space for our full couch ramp, but still want a solution to ease your dog's jumping.

  • Strong & sturdy,Ā for all sizes of dogs.
  • Efficient on space,Ā especially for smaller living spaces.
  • Cubby holeĀ for storage.
  • Holds dogs up to 200lbs,Ā ideal for any size dog that might benefit from a helping step up; dachshunds, corgis, yorkies, chihuahuas, pugs, basset hounds and more. *Requires minor jumping which may not be ideal for all dogs.
  • Anti-slip PAWGRIP; a soft, rubbery surface that providesĀ incredible traction and isĀ way better thanĀ carpet!
  • Comes fully assembled in the box.
  • Made of beautifulĀ solid Maple hardwoodĀ in 3 finish options to match your furniture.
  • 100% Made in North America,Ā thank you for supporting local!


  • Dimensions:Ā 17" wide, 15" deep.Ā 6" high in the front, 14" high in the back.
  • Product weight: 15lbs.

How Dogs From Instagram Are Using this Ramp!

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Perfect for places the other ramps won't fit

We bought the Small Bed Ramp and the Couch Ramp just before we got our sweet girl Juju and have since added the StepRamp too (in Coastal Grey). It works great for our patio love seat where a full-size ramp won't fit. The ramps are all very well made and look great. We will definitely buy again as our puppies unlocks access to more of the house.

The Best

This product is the best! I had tries the long ramps and she didnā€™t like it and refused to use it. She loves this ramp so well. I have purchased a second one for the couch. I didnā€™t have any problem training her. The first one I put at the foot of the bed, there is a bench then the Doggo Ramp, I did put pillows on each end of the bench, put her on the bench, patted the bench and the ramp and she went down the first try, then I got her treat and put it on the bed, she was up the ramp to the bench and then the bed. I love that she loves it and purchased one for the couch. Highly recommend this product.

Stylish & functional

In anticipation for our senior pup slowing down, we started looking for a suitable ramp/step that would fit our tiny Brooklyn home & also fit a variety of criteria. This small but mighty ramp ticked all the boxes. Not only is it approved by our favorite IG pup Crusoe,but the degree of incline and grippy surface feels very safe and stable. It matches our aesthetics and blends in with our other furniture quite nicely and seems easy to clean (no weird carpet or foam like some other steps weā€™ve seen). Most importantly, it did not take very long at all for my pup to get the hang of it. We highly recommend this item!


This step is the perfect size for our Westie to get on and off the couch. The angled surface lets him take better steps than our old makeshift ā€˜stepā€™, and he got used to it in no time. I love the grip surface compared to the other brands that have a carpet-type surface- this is actually grippy! Overall, itā€™s a great investment for our pup, and itā€™s the perfect size for what we needed. I was debating on the ramp, but then the step came out just in time, and itā€™s perfect! The construction also seems very solid.

A really great ramp!

This is the perfect piece to help my little dachshund mix access the bay window seat easily during the day, and on the couch in the evening. I like it as it doesn't take up much floor space and blends in with the other furniture. Very sturdy, very well-made, and dare I say, aesthetically pleasing too? :)

I wish I could have many of them all over the house!

We don't have a big house, or big living little room for a full sized ramp. But this ramp is amazing!!! My shorties move quick, and would leap like superman if I'd let them. At least with this, it eases the impact both directions.
PS... it arrived cracked. Customer service took great care and replaced the part. ;)

Does PLEASED have two Sā€™s or one lol

I am more than pleased with the doggie ramp. The quality is superb. The shipping was super duper quick. There customer service and follow up shoes how much they care and believe in their product. I highly recommend purchasing one for your pet. You will. It be disappointed.

The most practical piece of furniture we own!!

I cannot say enough good things about our StepRamp. The quality of the wood is amazing - blending in perfectly with our own furniture. The anti-slip material allows ease of use for fluffy feet. Itā€™s compact size is perfect for our cozy living room - and every inch of space was thought out with the side compartment being useful for storing items such at toys, blankets or treats. While this ramp is perfect for our miniature dachshund Tank, our two senior large breed dogs find comfort in using it to get on and off the couch as well.

Looking forward to bringing more DoggoRamps pieces into our home in the future - would HIGHLY recommend to anyone!!!

Piper likes it

Sheā€™s a 15 week old standard wire hair Dachshund and she loves getting on the couch with me for snuggles and the occasional theft of food from me. In fact, we need to move the short ramp away if we want to have supper on the couch to keep her off. Our couch is not very high and I suspect she may be able to get up on her own once fully grown. We will see.

Eventually it will probably become a bed ramp when she gets to be out of the crate for bedtime, but not until we have her fully potty trained!

The only frustrating part is she likes the soft rubbery tread material to gnaw on itā€¦

Julie Colton
Excellent product

Worth every penny. Well made. Dogs took to it right away.

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What is the shipping time and cost?

Shipping is 100% free for all orders to mainland USA & Canada.

Orders to the USA ship from Tennessee, and ship same day if order placed by 4pm ET, and take only 2-4 days to arrive anywhere across the USA.

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How do I train my dog to use the ramp?

In each product box, we include our expert-developed Training Steps Pamphlet which has been proven to be super effective and make a huge difference, especially for dogs that are more timid of new things. Plus, if you still experience any challenges, you can reach out to us and our time will personally guide you with training tips and coaching for your specific dog and scenario. 

What is the return policy?

If your ramp doesn't work out for whatever reason, we happily offer a flexible, hassle-free 60-day return period (read full policy here). If dog training/use is your issue, we always appreciate the opportunity to help. Reach out to us anytime at

Is there a warranty?

Yes! We stand behind the quality of our products, and proudly offer a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on all our products. Read the full policy here

I'm not sure which ramp to choose?

It first depends on whether you're looking for a couch or bed solution.

If you're looking for a couch solution, see our couch ramp which works for all dogs up to 150lbs.

If you're looking for a bed ramp, then it depends on the size of your dog. If you have a small dog under 40lbs, see our small dog bed ramp. If you have a dog over 40lbs, OR if you have several or more smaller dogs, choose our large bed ramp for the higher weight limit and wider platform. 

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