Training Your Dog!

training pamphlet for dog rampWhether you just received your DoggoRamp or are just curious about what the training process might look like, check out our dedicated training videos below for each product!

Keep in mind, you will also find a detailed version of these instructions in our training pamphlet included in each product box. 

And if you run into any trouble or need extra assistance, just email us at and we'll be happy to help.

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Large Bed Ramp

Key Things to Remember When Training Your Dog

  • Always ensure your dog is comfortable before moving to the next step
  • Always be positive, persistent - but patient
  • Make it run and rewarding with playtime, high-value treats and your own excitement
  • Try using their mealtime food as extra incentive, as this is even more powerful than treats!
  • Keep training sessions short and sweet. Practice a little every day over a few sessions, and over a few days or even a couple weeks as needed.

Key Things to Avoid When Training Your Dog

  • Never push...pull.. or place your dog on the ramp
  • If you find your dog is getting tired or you are getting frustrated, take a break
  • Never try to rush the process or push your dog faster through the steps

As always, if you need any help, we're always happy to offer personalized training support for your dog and specific scenario. Just send us an email to

Happy ramping!