9 Reasons Why Dog Ramps Are (Totally) Worth It!

9 Reasons Why Dog Ramps are Worth It

While couch and bed ramps are typically popular among long-bodied dogs, senior pups, and dogs with mobility issues, ramps can truly support the well-being of all breeds.

Even though dog ramps may seem like a debatable expense, they create a safer living environment for pups in their homes - including young dogs and bigger breeds that may not appear to have any trouble jumping up and down. 

When looking at the various advantages of using ramps, they are truly a small investment in a pup's and pet owner's long-term health, happiness, and comfort.  

If you’ve been considering getting a ramp for your four-legged family member and find yourself wondering “is a dog ramp worth it?”, here are 9 AMAZING ways indoor pet ramps benefit all breeds and pet owners!

1. Using ramps can prevent dangerous and expensive injuries

Lowriders, (dogs with long bodies and short legs like Dachshunds, Corgis, and Basset Hounds), have a greater risk of sustaining back injuries from jumping. Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) is a common condition among these breeds, which can be triggered by the impact from a jump.

Below are actual expenses paid by Ryan for his dachshund Crusoe who needed surgery for his back after a jumping injury. Ryan is the owner and inventor of DoggoRamps!

Neurology consultation $150
MRI/CT scan $784
MRI/CT imaging interpretation $200
Pre-anesthesia blood work $87
Total anesthesia fees (maintenance, monitoring, fluids, etc) $1132
Hemilaminectomy (spinal surgery for disc material) $1200
Hospital care (2 days)  $252
Take-home medications (pain & anti-inflammatory) $182
2x rechecks $180
TOTAL (with tax): $4461


So, the back surgery for Crusoe the dachshund cost $4,461, and this of course varies by clinic and region. 

This also does not even include the 2 MONTHS of rehabilitation that Crusoe went through following the surgery with visits twice a week for laser therapy, water treadmill exercises, and medication - which easily added another $2500 onto the total bill. 

Meaning going through IVDD and back surgery for a dog can cost upwards of over $7,000.

Even if your dog is not dealing with spinal issues, simple injuries like a strain or sprain from a hard landing off a bed or couch are nothing to scoff at either. Visiting a veterinarian to check a potential leg injury can cost over $500 for an x-ray and examination without any treatment or medication included.

Dog ramps provide our furry friends with a safer and impact-free alternative to jumping AND can save us thousands of dollars in medical expenses too!

A customer's 5 star DoggoRamps Review

One paw parent (above) took action to raise awareness about IVDD in her DoggoRamps Review by sharing her Dachshund's heart-breaking experience with the disease.

A Yorkshire Terrier sits on top of his couch ramp for dogs

@tosh.yorkie's hoomans trained him to use a couch ramp after seeing him attempt an unusually risky jump. They now feel at ease knowing that Tosh has an easy and safe way of getting up and down from his favorite place.

2. Ramps support the long-term well-being of our pets

Even if a pup doesn’t experience an injury from a tough landing, repeated impact from daily jumping can put extra wear and tear on a dog’s joints. This can lead to discomfort and pain - especially for dogs entering or in their senior years. 

One DoggoRamps customer reported that even though his beloved Corgi has no issues jumping up or down from the couch at the moment, with time, he knew it would create a problem. He chose to invest in a ramp to keep his pup safe. 

Using ramps to get on and off couches and beds can help reduce the amount of stress dogs place on their joints over time. While every breed is different in terms of personality, activity levels, and specific needs, supporting a dog’s physical well-being - from investing in high-quality food to a ramp - can give them the opportunity to keep enjoying their favorite activities, like fetch or chasing squirrels, later in their lives. Purchasing a well-designed dog ramp may have a higher one-time upfront cost, but it provides health benefits for life.

A German Shepherd sits on top of the bed next to his large bed ramp for dogs

@rammus_the_gsd's large bed ramp helps him get up and down from the bed without extra stress on his hips and knees. 

3. Ramps give peace of mind

With a ramp, pet owners no longer have to worry about their beloved pups injuring themselves while jumping on or off a piece of furniture. Knowing that their four-legged family members are safe at home has given so many paw parents peace of mind.

For instance, this dogcam even shows how reliably this pup uses her ramp even when her parents aren't home!

dog uses ramp reliably

A proud Labrador owner also shared this review recently:

A DoggoRamps Review from Labrador Retriever's Owner

4. Easy access onto couches and beds

Going up and down a ramp takes less preparation and effort than jumping, and when low incline ramp designs are available, most dogs can quickly become confident ramp users.

By positioning ramps in accessible and unobstructed areas, dogs can become consistent ramp users too - whether they’re taking their time or in a rush!

A long-haired chihuahua walks down his bed ramp for dogs

@chihuahuacedric doesn't think twice about about using his DoggoRamps small bed ramp to get in and out of bed.

5. More freedom and independence

Ramps give dogs the freedom and convenience to enjoy their favorite places whenever they want. With the ability to go where they want with ease, many pups have been known to gain more confidence. Just check out Della’s story below:

A senior Dachshund walks up her couch ramp for dogs

For Della at Cameo Dachshunds, the DoggoRamps' unique PAWGRIP surface helped the Doxie feel safe and secure while using a ramp, and her newfound independence even brought her out of her shell! Kim, Della's hooman, wrote that her pup had always been a little timid, but once she was able to get up on the couch by herself, she started interacting more with others and even began sitting on people's laps!

As paw parents, we want our canine family members to be able to enjoy their favorite activities with ease. When not running around or playing, some dogs love nothing more than snuggling up between the cushions on a couch or enjoying some cuddle time with their two-legged best friend. Dog ramps help pups live a more convenient, comfortable, and fulfilling life at home!

A mixed breed stands on top of a dog ramp with a Dachshund standing on the floor in front of him

This duo's paw parent wrote: "I'm so happy to be able to snuggle with my pups without worrying about them jumping up or down to get to me. It gives them independence without fear."

Of course, it’s not only dogs who experience more independence with a ramp in their home. Hoomans also get to enjoy more freedom since they no longer have to serve as their doggos' personal elevators. 

6. Less stress on YOUR back and joints over time

Speaking of convenience for ourselves, while jumping can take a toll on a pup’s joints, lifting dogs up and down - especially if they’re bigger - can put unnecessary stress on our joints and backs. Pet ramps support the well-being of dogs and humans alike!

A Basset Hound is lifted by his owner onto a bed

With a large bed ramp, getting Dean the Basset on and off the bed is so much easier for both paw parent and pup!

A Basset Hound walks up his bed dog ramp

7. Dog ramps are versatile

Even though most indoor ramps are labelled as “bed” or “couch” ramps, they can just as easily be used to help dogs get up and down from armchairs, bean bags, futons, and any other pieces of furniture they can (and paw parents allow them to) safely enjoy. (We’ve even compiled a list of 9 different ways that DoggoRamps have helped dogs live their best lives!)

Two Dachshunds lay in the sunshine on top of a bench with their dog ramp in front of them

The Southern Transplant Weens use their DoggoRamps couch ramp to soak up some sunshine on top of a cushioned bench.

A DoggoRamps large bed ramp placed by a dog grooming table

This DoggoRamper uses the large bed ramp to help her Samoyeds easily get up and down from their grooming table!

With a handful of built-in height settings, a single ramp can also be adapted for different pieces of furniture as our environments and needs change with time. When foldable and portable, ramps can also be packed and taken on holiday to cottages, vacation rentals, RVs, and more. 

A cream Dachshund walks down her small bed ramp for dogs

@itsadaphneday enjoys her DoggoRamps small bed ramp in an RV. This indoor bed ramp weighs a total of 23lbs. and is capable of folding flat to 3.5", making it portable enough to be taken on an overnight getaway. (The DoggoRamps couch ramp also folds flat to 3" and weighs 15lbs., making it easily transportable as well).

8. Lifelong Use

A properly designed and manufactured ramp can be used by a dog all the way from puppyhood through to their senior years. Once a puppy learns how to use a ramp, they’ll have the habit for life. When taught at a young age, they may not even register jumping off a couch or bed as a possibility!

A cream Dachshund puppy walks up her dog ramp to the couch

Arianna the Mini Doxie learned how to use her couch ramp as an 8-week old puppy. She will now carry this skill with her for the rest of her life!

9. Owning a dog ramp doesn't mean you have to compromise your home's aesthetic and style

We know that many hoomans, including pet owners, spend a lot of time and care investing in the spaces they live in and making them feel like home. Fortunately, indoor dog ramps don't have to clash with our preferences and tastes.

DoggoRamps are intentionally crafted out of solid, furniture-grade hardwood and come in 5 different finish options so they can complement any interior. 

Countless DoggoRampers have noted that their ramps feel like proper pieces of furniture that effortlessly blend with their spaces. Just take a look at the review below:

DoggoRamps Review - A beautiful piece of furniture

A teacup Yorkshire Terrier stands on top of his couch ramp for dogs

Sammy's (@sammy_in_the_city_) couch ramp is the perfect match for the existing dark accents in his space. 

Without a doubt, indoor ramps benefit dogs and pet owners in more ways than one. On top of the ramp experiences featured in this post, hundreds of DoggoRamps users have shared their success stories online to show the unique ways ramps have supported their pups.

cute dachshund happy

To learn more about our ramps and what DoggoRampers have posted, you can explore:

And to help your dog enjoy the benefits using a ramp, check out our training guide for safer ramp use by clicking here!

Do you already have a DoggoRamp in your home? What benefits have you and your doggo experienced? Comment below!

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