• Large Dog Ramp for Beds - for Large Breeds and Medium Dogs

Large Bed Ramp

Designed for Large Dogs, But Great for All Dogs

adjustable height for even the tallest beds

Adjustable Height for All Beds

ramp for large dogs up to 200 lbs

For Any Size Dog Up to 200lbs

Solid hardwood dog ramps

Handcrafted with Solid Hardwood

Made in North America

100% Made in North America

When it comes to a dog ramps for beds, larger dogs have been overlooked in the market for far too long. Well, we designed the perfect bedside ramp for larger dogs (YET - which is also great for several medium or small dogs):

✔️ Extra wide platform with low-incline.

✔️ Made strong & strurdy up to 200lbs.

✔️ Unique anti-slip surface that's better than carpet.

✔️ Safety rails.

✔️ Adjustable all the way up to 35" high beds.

Dog ramp for bed large dogs, specs dimensions

Large Dog Ramp for Beds

60 day guarantee and 1 year warranty

Our large dog ramp for beds is is made of strong, sturdy, and beautiful furniture-grade solid hardwood with features that will keep your dog safe, and finishes to match your bedroom.

This bed ramp was designed with the medium and large dogs in mind, such retrievers, German shepherds, basset hounds, corgis, etc. Especially when these dogs enter their senior years, or have arthritis or other health conditions, or perhaps are just short like basset hounds, a strong, sturdy, and wide dog ramp for the bed and for these bigger breeds just didn't exist - until now! 

However, it's not just for the larger dogs. Many customers with several+ smaller or medium dogs opt for this bed ramp for its wider platform and stronger build when compared to our small bed ramp for dogs.

  • Adjustable height for even the tallest beds from 20" to 35" high.
  • Landing platform at the top, makes it easier for your dog to step on and off the ramp.
  • Extra wide platform for larger or longer-body dogs (bassets), or for several medium or small dogs.
  • Long & low incline gives your dog an easier time going up and down.
  • Holds dogs up to 200lbs. (Have a small dog? See our small bed ramp).
  • Anti-slip PAWGRIP, a soft, rubbery surface that provides incredible traction; way better than carpet!
  • Fully assembled in the box (no tools required).
  • Sturdy safety rails that are removable and reversible.
  • Includes our expert-developed dog ramp training guide.
  • Made of solid Maple hardwood.
  • 100% Made in North America, thank you for supporting local!


  • Dimensions: 64" long, 20" wide base (platform is 18" wide). Folds flat to 4.5". 
  • Product weight: 46lbs.
Benefits of solid hardwood dog ramp for bed for large dogs and large breeds, strong sturdy safer and furniture quality

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Customer Reviews

Based on 253 reviews

Just heard my favorite sound Gabby walking up the ramp to get on the bed!!
Thank for turning a depressed dog into a happy one. Don't hesitate this is soo worth the cost.

Sheryl Laumbattus
Large Dog Ramp For Bed

My husband & I have 2 senior labs who have always slept in our bed. They were starting to have a hard time getting on and off the bed, resulting in us lifting our 75+ pound dogs on and off the bed. I looked at this ramp for quite a while before I bought it, hesitating because of the price. We finally decided because of the guarantee to give it a try. I am so happy we did. This ramp is amazing! Worth the price. It is attractive, well made and sturdy. It doesn't rock or move when the dogs use it. Both dogs took to it pretty fast and now use it like it's nothing. My only regret is that we didn't purchase this ramp sooner. It's a great ramp!

Thanks Doggo Ramps

Recently got a new bed frame and my Chiweenie couldn't get up or down safely. Looked at other ladders however most would not reach the required height. Even though yours are more expensive than cheaper models I'm glad I purchased your brand. Very good craftsmanship and will highly recommend to others.

Very well Made

We are very pleased with the large bed ramp that we purchased. It is very nicely constructed. Ours had cracked side piece (probably due to stressed screw tension); however, DoggoRamps took care of the problem immediately offering a total replacement or just the piece for self-install. I chose the part replacement to save time. The part arrived a few days later and replacement was a breeze. The ramp is very nicely finished and sturdy. We have three dachshunds that are loving it. We also have couch ramp which is equally nice.

Lisa Todd
Doggo Ramp

I love the ramp! I tried a cheaper ramp to start with that didn’t have side rails and my bed is really high (31 inches). I was nervous all night as my puppy could fall off while trying to get up and down so I didn’t sleep well during that time. The doggo ramp is much safer with side rails. Also it saves room in my bedroom by going along the end of my bed vs. straight out. Added bonus is that the incline is much less considering that it’s a longer ramp so it is much safer. I sleep way better at night now. Great ramp!

Phillip Camire
Excellent ramp

This ramp is quality made. Works as advertised.

The best dog ramp we've ever owned!

- Very sturdy.
- VERY easy for my corgi to learn to use and be comfortable with.
- Fantastic tread, gives our dogs the best grip across any ramp we've tried.
- Beautifully made. The finishes are superb, this is a truly high-quality piece that fits in with your actual furniture.
- The rubber feet on the bottom keep the ramp from sliding.
- Love the amount of height variation.
- The flat "landing pad" at the top gives unsure dogs a resting place to aim for so they can turn and get onto the furniture more easily.

- My only honest complaint: You can't lay it completely flat with the rails on it (which the training tells you to do). If you try, the rail's support beams are blocked by the base's side beams, which makes the actual ramp uneven and wobbly. Best fix for this would be to cut a "notch" in the base's side beams.
- Big and a little heavy! While not a con for us, *make sure you read the measurements so you know it'll be a good fit for you.*
- Pricey but it's an incredibly well-made product that is worth the cost.


We've tried many dog ramps - soft cushiony foam ones, steps vs ramps, carpet treaded ramps, etc. Many have functioned "okay" for 1/2 of our pack, but our corgi Odin HATED every single one. 9/10 times, he'd leap right off furniture without even considering using the ramp - which defeats the purpose! He simply didn't have a sure enough footing to feel comfortable (even the carpet-treaded one); if you *made* him use it, he'd just sprint as fast as he could or leap off halfway.

Until we got the DoggoRamp. THIS is the gold standard, and we'll never go back.

We trained him as the guide said - our goal was to use his favorite squeaky toys to get him comfortable enough to WALK on the ramp, not sprint like his life depended on it.

And it worked! He now CHOOSES to use this ramp on his own. The rails are a godsend in making him feel more comfortable, and the tread they used is *perfect*! He gets a good enough grip that he no longer has to sprint, he can just walk up it normally. We use it for the bed occasionally but keep it primarily beside the couch, which it still works just as well with. He joins us on the couch so much more often! And it's a beautiful piece overall too - we LOVE the coastal gray, it goes perfectly with the rest of our furniture! ❤

Outstanding quality

The quality of the ramp is outstanding and the best ramp I have ever purchased.

Cooper loves it!

We actually oen two of these - one in our PA home and one in Maui. Having a dachshund who would much rather jump on and off thr bed, makes these a no brainer. There was almost no training involved- he knew what to do immediately! Thanks for s great product!

Great customer service but read carefully

These ramps solidly made but be aware, they are quite LARGE and take up a lot of space. Most importantly, they pay shipping BUT if you need to return it, you are responsible for the shipping costs ! Quite a lot 47.00 if you use FedEx and they have an account with them otherwise great experience minus the 94.00 shipping I had to pay for the 2 ramps that were way too big for our rooms

Hi Raymond, thanks for your feedback! And glad you felt it was a great experience otherwise, but you are right - our Large Bed Ramp is large - as it needs to be for bigger pups. This is why we really encourage people to measure first to make sure. But we understand sometimes it still may not work out for whatever reason, and yes we do absorb the shipping cost to the customer to begin with, but that's why as a small family business, we can't also absorb it for returns (unless there is something wrong with the ramp, then we cover it of course). But when customers contact us for a return, as you mentioned they can at least take advantage of our shipping account for a substantial discount on the return cost.

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What is the shipping time and cost?

Shipping is 100% free for all orders to mainland USA & Canada.

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How do I train my dog to use the ramp?

In each product box, we include our expert-developed Training Steps Pamphlet which has been proven to be super effective and make a huge difference, especially for dogs that are more timid of new things. Plus, if you still experience any challenges, you can reach out to us and our time will personally guide you with training tips and coaching for your specific dog and scenario. 

What is the return policy?

If your ramp doesn't work out for whatever reason, we happily offer a flexible, hassle-free 60-day return period (read full policy here). If dog training/use is your issue, we always appreciate the opportunity to help. Reach out to us anytime at

Is there a warranty?

Yes! We stand behind the quality of our products, and proudly offer a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on all our products. Read the full policy here

I'm not sure which ramp to choose?

It first depends on whether you're looking for a couch or bed solution.

If you're looking for a couch solution, see our couch ramp which works for all dogs up to 150lbs.

If you're looking for a bed ramp, then it depends on the size of your dog. If you have a small dog under 40lbs, see our small dog bed ramp. If you have a dog over 40lbs, OR if you have several or more smaller dogs, choose our large bed ramp for the higher weight limit and wider platform. 

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