9 Unexpected Ways That Ramps Help Dogs Live Their BEST Lives

DoggoBlog Featured Image - 9 Unexpected Ways Ramps Help Dogs Live their Best Lives

Here at DoggoRamps, our mission is to help dogs live their best lives. Pet safety and supporting the well-being of our four-legged friends is our priority. 

You may frequently hear us talking about how our dog ramps for small and large breeds give doggos an impact-free AND convenient way up and down from couches and beds.

But recently, we’ve learned that some DoggoRampers have discovered a few more perks from using their ramps!

Check out 9 creative and unexpected ways DoggoRamps helps dogs live their best lives!

1. Ramps for Reaching all the Treatos

What do we mean by "all the treatos"?

Well, a couple of pups have learned that their DoggoRamps can be adjusted to the perfect height for giving them access to all the tasty goodies in their hoomans' refrigerators. 

Just take a look at @toby_littledude!

A Maltese Dog standing on his DoggoRamp in front of an open fridge

2. DoggoRamps for Sunbathing

Many of our furry friends enjoy spending quality time in the sunshine, and Willy and Meatball are no exception. With some help from their couch ramps, these two pups have taken their daily sunbathing to a whole new level!

Willy the Poodle rests on his couch DoggoRamp outside in the sunshine

@willy_the_poodle_'s couch DoggoRamp doubles as a sun lounger. 

Meatball the Dachsund enjoys the sunshine with his couch DoggoRamp

@herecomesmeatball is standing tall to catch the sun's rays.

3. Ramps for Snoozing

Dogs are known to love the anti-slip PAWGRIP featured on all our dog ramps. Not only does it provide them with proper traction while making their way up and down their DoggoRamps, but it's soft and comfortable enough for a little snooze. 

A long-haired chihuahua napping on her dog ramp

@louthechichi shows us it's always a good time for nap time on her DoggoRamp!

Whiskey Sue the Basset Hound napping on his DoggoRamp

Whiskey Sue's (@whiskeysueandmabel) couch ramp turns into the perfect headrest too!

4. DoggoRamps for Taking Playtime to the Next Level

Nothing gives some pups as much satisfaction as a good game of fetch. And as this paw-some dachshund shows us, a DoggoRamp is the perfect way to spice up the game.

Look at @dextythedachshund's exceptional timing!

A Dachshund playing ball on his dog ramp

5. Hosting Fashion Shows with DoggoRamps 

With so many fabulous options these days, what's the best way for a pup to choose their outfit of the day? By being the star of their very own fashion show, of course! And DoggoRamps turn into the perfect runway!

A pomeranian dressed in a purple dress walking up her dog ramp

@sophie.the.pom is strutting her stuff on her DoggoRamps runway! (We try to avoid saying "catwalk" here). 

6. Ramps for Enjoying New Forms of Entertainment 

Now, there's a new family member that's going to be asking for the remote control: your doggo!

Numerous pups have found that their DoggoRamps give them the extra boost needed to see and enjoy all fascinating things taking place on our screens.

Two dachshunds with a dog ramp watching TV 

Clearly, @woodyandhazel could watch TV until the cows come home.

7. DoggoRamps for Taking Part in Holiday Fun

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, and lots of pups are eager to spread some holiday cheer. With a little lift from their ramps, many doggos are now able to take part in their hoomans' favourite traditions - like decorating the Christmas Tree!

Daphne the long-haired Dachshund helps decorate a Christmas Tree with her DoggoRamp

@itsadaphneday makes it onto Santa's "nice" list by lending a helping hand.

8. Ramps for Checking Mail

As members of our households, it's perfectly natural for our pups to receive their own mail from time to time. And as this little Dachshund shows us, ramps give doggos the independence and ability to fetch their own packages too!

A Dachshund uses his dog ramp to check the mailbox

 We bet this Doxie is going to find many paw-tastic goodies in that box! 

9. DoggoRamps for Showing Off Dance Moves

Some dance routines require a bit of a special set up and ramps seem to do the trick. Look at this Yorkshire Terrier demonstrating his mastery of the Cha-Cha Slide:

"Reverse, Reverse"

A Yorkshire Terrier using his DoggoRamp
"Take it back now, y'all"
A Yorkshire Terrier walking backwards on his bed dog ramp
"One hop this time!"
A Yorkshire Terrier getting into bed using his small dog bed ramp
Without a doubt, this Yorkie can "cha cha real smooth."


Whether it’s a bed ramp or couch ramp, all these pups are using their DoggoRamps to lead some pretty creative and exciting lives!

Has your doggo found a new and fun way to use their DoggoRamp? Let us know in the comments below!

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