Why Dog Ramps are a MUST for Basset Hounds


Taking Care of Your Basset Hound: Why Dog Ramps are a MUST-HAVE

Since the introduction of the DoggoRamps Couch Ramp and Large Bed Ramp, many Basset Hounds have become proud members of the DoggoRamps Family

Standing at a height of roughly 15 inches and weighing up to 65lbs., Basset Hounds aren’t able to easily hop on and off higher surfaces like couches and beds. Their long bodies and short legs make them prone to jumping-related back and joint injuries as well. 

Ramps not only help Bassets reach their favorite places, but they also provide them with a safe, convenient, and impact-free alternative to jumping. 

If you want to learn about providing the best care for your Basset Hound, read on to discover why pet ramps are a must-have for Bassets!

Why do Basset Hounds Benefit from Using Dog Ramps?

Like all other dogs, Basset Hounds are fully capable of jumping. However, with their short legs, stocky build, and long spines, it’s rarely a good idea for them to do so. Using ramps can help prevent dangerous jumping-related injuries while giving this lovable breed the opportunity to live a more comfortable and fulfilling life. 

Basset Hound Back Problems

Similar to Dachshunds, Basset Hounds are susceptible to spinal conditions like Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), which can lead to extreme pain, paralysis, intensive surgeries, numerous rehabilitation treatments, and expensive medical bills. Jumping on and off furniture can trigger the disease at any age, and it’s even recommended to take great care when lifting a Basset Hound as improperly supporting this breed’s weight and spine can cause back problems for both pup and owner alike. 

Dog ramps help protect Bassets’ backs by giving them a safe and convenient alternative to jumping and can save paw parents thousands in medical expenses as well. 

Beau the Basset Hound sits on the bed with his DoggoRamps Large Dog Bed Ramp in front of him

Beau the Basset Hound’s Grand-PAWrent wrote, “We bought this ramp for my grand-dog, who was making every effort to launch himself onto the bed upstairs. We knew it wouldn’t be long before he hurt his back. He loves his new ramp and can now easily keep up with his two crazy sisters.”

Gus the Basset stands on top of his DoggoRamps Large Bed Ramp

Gus the Basset started using ramps to keep his back safe after his older brother, Chuck (@chuck_thebasset), kept facing recurring battles with IVDD and experienced paralysis in his hind legs.

Rutherford the Basset Hound’s Journey with IVDD

Rutherford the Basset Hound (@rutherfordthebasset) is a DoggoRamper and an IVDD Survivor. As a young pup, Rutherford would confidently jump on and off the couch and bed, but by mid-2020, he started hesitating and showing signs of reluctance. Soon after, a sharp turn during a game of fetch left the poor pup paralyzed in his back legs. Rutherford was only 3 years old.

In July 2020, the Basset Hound underwent back surgery for two ruptured discs followed by a series of demanding rehabilitation treatments. Today, Rutherford is able to walk, run, and play, and uses his DoggoRamps Couch and Bed Ramps to enjoy his favorite places and protect his spine. After all, while discs corrected through surgery shouldn’t flare up again, there is still the risk for a long-bodied pup’s remaining discs to bulge or burst.

Rutherford the Basset Hound stands on top of his Large Bed Ramp for Dogs

Rutherford loves hanging out on his DoggoRamps Large Bed Ramp as it gives him the perfect vantage point for keeping an eye on his beloved hooman while she works.

You can learn more about Rutherford the Basset Hound’s journey with IVDD by clicking here

Basset Hound Joint Problems

With their hefty build, Basset Hounds are also predisposed to a variety of joint issues not limited to but including patellar luxation (kneecap dislocation), hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and arthritis. Depending on their severity, these conditions may cause a great deal of discomfort, pain, decreased mobility and require extensive ongoing medication, treatments, and/or surgeries. 

Using ramps can help Basset Hounds reduce the amount of extra stress they place on their short legs over time and allow them to enjoy their home environments without causing additional damage to their joints from jumping. 

Are Ramps Easier for Basset Hounds to Use than Stairs?

If you’re deciding between pet stairs or a ramp for a Basset Hound, ramps are always the better choice. Like jumping, most Basset Hounds are capable of climbing stairs, but that doesn’t mean going up and down steps is good for their long-term health. 

Using stairs involves experiencing small repeated impacts. While this may not be the biggest concern for many breeds, for short-legged, long-bodied dogs like Basset Hounds, small repeated impacts can slowly cause damage to intervertebral discs. Ramps are the only solution that are entirely impact free. 

As well, for dogs with joint problems, walking up or down a ramp is significantly easier than lifting their legs up and down steps.

Some Basset Hounds may also be extremely reluctant to use pet stairs since many stairs tend to be compact and lightweight in design. Larger breeds require more sturdiness and support.

Lola the Basset Hound with her DoggoRamps Large Bed Ramp

Basset Hound Lola’s hooman shared: “Lola was always jumping off of our bed even with our steps because they were not stable and she was terrified of them no matter what we did, so after one back injury and a trip to the emergency vet, we knew we needed to get a ramp for her.”

Ramps and Basset Hound Temperament 

Independent, affectionate, laid-back, loyal, and stubborn are a handful of the words used to describe Basset Hounds. Many Bassets love nothing more than lounging around or napping while cuddling up with their favorite companions (two- and four-legged alike). When given the chance, they’re known for taking over their owners’ sofas and beds, and with their determined personalities, they’ll often try doing so by any means necessary - even if it means attempting risky jumps and stunts. 

Ramps provide these floppy-eared hounds with the freedom to easily access and enjoy their favorite places and activities without putting themselves in unnecessary danger.

Dean the Basset walks up his Large Bed Ramp for Dogs

Dean the Basset (@deanthebasset) is also known as the “World’s Leading Laziness Guru." When he’s not snoozing on the couch, you’ll likely find Dean in his hoomans’ bed - thanks to his DoggoRamps Large Bed Ramp of course!

Basset Hounds Sherlock and Watson with their Couch Ramp for Dogs

As the CEOs of snuggling, Sherlock and Watson (@sherlock.n.watson) love using their DoggoRamps Couch Ramp to cuddle up on the sofa… And they don’t always leave room for their PAWrents.  

Leaving Your Basset Hound Home Alone

Bred as hunting pack dogs, Basset Hounds are a very social breed, and they may not enjoy spending long periods of time on their own. Being strong-willed and independent, after making a decision, (like getting onto the bed), they may persist regardless of their safety too. 

For Basset Hound owners that allow their pups to roam free when alone, having indoor ramps and providing proper ramp training can give their owners peace of mind that their four-legged family members can’t get into too much trouble while they’re away.

Why are DoggoRamps So Great for Basset Hounds?

Countless Basset Hound owners choose DoggoRamps Couch and Bed Ramps for their dogs and consistently share 5-Star reviews as DoggoRamps have all the needed features to support this breed:

Solid Hardwood for Extra Sturdiness

All DoggoRamps are crafted out of furniture-grade, solid hardwood and weigh between 15 lbs. (couch ramp) to 46 lbs. (large bed ramp). Not only does using hardwood make indoor ramps feel like a proper, high-quality piece of furniture, but it also helps ramps stay put and provides bigger breeds, like Basset Hounds, with the ability to safely and confidently use ramps. 

Anti-Slip PAWGRIP for Incredible Traction

Proper traction on a ramp benefits all dogs. However, when it comes to breeds susceptible to joint issues and arthritis, such as Bassets, it’s especially important for ramps to have proper grip. Slips can cause these pups to accidentally stretch their joints beyond a comfortable range of motion leading to further injury and pain.

Every DoggoRamp has a smooth and rubbery anti-slip PAWgrip surface that provides significantly more traction than carpet. 

One Basset Owner shared:

DoggoRamps 5-Star Basset Hound Review

Low-Incline Design and Wide Platforms

All of our ramps have a low-incline design meaning that they aren’t steep and provide dogs with a safe and easy way to and from their favorite places. This is essential for Bassets as it allows them to walk up and down instead of having to take bigger steps and lift their limbs.

As well, the DoggoRamps Large Bed Ramp features a 19” wide platform, which allows Basset Hounds to comfortably maneuver their long bodies on a ramp. 

Murphy the Basset Hound walks up his DoggoRamps Large Bed Ramp for Dogs

After learning how to use their DoggoRamps, bedtime has become Beau and Murphy’s (@beauandmurphy) favorite time. Just look at Murphy ramp!

If you’re a pet owner whose Basset Hound loves spending time on the couch or bed, indoor ramps are a must. Dog ramps help create a safer home environment for these long-bodied hounds and help them live healthier and happier lives.

To learn more about DoggoRamps, you can explore:

Happy Ramping!

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The DoggoRamps Team
The DoggoRamps Team

September 14, 2022

Thanks for your question Jeanne! At the moment, all of our ramps are designed for indoor use with couches, beds, and other pieces of furniture. However, we’ll make sure to forward your feedback to the rest of the team!

Jeanne wentworth
Jeanne wentworth

September 14, 2022

Our 8 month old basset is 47 pounds and I need a ramp for my suv as well as couches and beds.
Is there one that can do all?
I am only 99 pounds and can’t lift her ….

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