The Top 5 Dog Ramp Features - As Shared by DoggoRampers!

The Best Dog Ramp Features - As Shared by DoggoRampers

When designing our couch and bed ramps, we refused to settle for anything less than the very best. On top of providing our beloved pets with a safer way up and down from their favourite places, we set out to create high-quality dog ramps that:

  • Would keep your dog safe from jumping & harsh impact
  • Dogs would feel confident and happy to use
  • Would complement your home, and
  • Last for years to come

We even improved upon our original model from 2018 to bring you the top-of-the-line dog ramps we have available today. 

While we’re always happy to talk about the essential features built into our ramps, in this post, we’ve decided to turn it over to our customers and share what THEIR favorite features are instead!

We reviewed the messages and feedback we’ve received over time and tallied up the most praised ramp details to bring you: The Top 5 Dog Ramp Features (as shared by DoggoRampers!)

1. The Safety Factor

All of our ramps have been designed with the absolute best in safety features for your pup.

DoggoRampers consistently comment on the peace of mind having a ramp has brought them. They feel confident knowing their dogs are safe at home with a low-impact way of getting up and down from couches and beds.

 two dachshunds standing on top of two dog ramps

One longtime Dachshund owner wrote (his two dashing doxies pictured above): "We have one Mini Dachshund who could never get up on the bed or couch because we were so worried he would jump off and get hurt. DoggoRamps has changed all that for him. He learned how to use the ramps super fast, and now he uses them everyday."

A long-haired Chihuahua stands on top of her dog ramp

This little chihuahua's hooman said: "It's such great quality and perfect for my little chihuahua to get up on the bed without hurting himself. It comes with great instructions and training tips to get your pup used to the ramp as quickly and safely as possible."

2. The Sturdy, Furniture-Grade Hardwood

All DoggoRamps are crafted out of solid, furniture-grade hardwood. That means that they are made to last and stay put even when used by the most rambunctious of pups.

Countless paw parents have mentioned that the hardwood helps make the ramps tough enough for their high energy doggos to play on.

Vienna Blue the Dachshund runs up and plays on her dog ramp

@vienna_blue races up her DoggoRamp while having a blast with her Dachshund friend.

A black Dachshund sits on a floral sofa with his couch dog ramp in front of him

As this proud Labrador and Doxie owner reported (Doxie pictured above): “It is totally sturdy with a dachshund, and also with a big lab running up and down it!”

3. The Anti-Slip PAWGRIP

The anti-slip PAWGRIP surface on every ramp is designed to provide dogs with proper traction and is a solution to the slips that can occur on carpet-covered ramps.

Having a good grip also plays a big role in helping our furry friends feel secure while using a ramp. Many DoggoRampers have shared that the PAWGRIP pleases even the pickiest of pups, and some have even mentioned that it’s grippy enough for morning stretches yet comfortable enough for a nap!

Liberty the Dachshund rests at the top of her dog bed ramp

Liberty (from @libbynjuice) gets ready for a little snooze on her bed ramp.

Three Dachshunds sit at the bottom of their couch dog ramp

Clover and Crew's (above) hooman shared: "It is very grippy. They can walk slowly up and down without slipping. It is very sturdy and it has held up very well so far." 

4. The 5 Different Finishes

While it was extremely important for us to create ramps that doggos would enjoy, we also wanted to create a product that paw parents would want to keep out. (The more that dogs are able to access and use a ramp, the more it becomes a habit!) 

In addition to making ramps out of furniture-grade hardwood, we decided to make all of our models available in 5 different finishes to match different spaces. Numerous customers have said DoggoRamps “feel like a proper piece of furniture”, and an “intentional part of their décor.”

Regis the Dachshund stands at the top of his couch DoggoRamp

As Regis’ hooman wrote (Regis pictured above):In my opinion, it's the best looking one - simple lines, hardwood, great finish - and I wouldn't want any other one in my living room!”

Two Corgis use their dog ramp to get down from the couch

@dobyandblue's couch ramp (in coastal grey) is the perfect match for their modern living room!

Cedric the Chihuahua sits on top of his bed in front of his small dog bed ramp

Chihuahua Cedric's small dog bed ramp (in snow white) is looking great with his bright and airy interior!

5. Easily Adjustable and Collapsible 

By being adjustable and collapsible, DoggoRamps can be used to support pups with getting up and down from a wide variety of sofas, beds, and other cozy places. As well, these two features make it possible to easily transport the ramp between homes, cottages, vacation rentals, and more. 

Tinkerbell the Rescue Dog sits on her couch with her DoggoRamp in front of her

Tinkerbell’s (above) paw parent shared: “It folds quickly to take along with us when we travel.”

And even @itsadaphneday brought her small dog bed ramp on an RV adventure! Take a look below: 

Daphne the Dachshund sits on the bed in an RV with her bed ramp beside her

As well, adjustable ramps support more cautious doggos by providing them with a gentler slope to practice on!

Special Mention: The Training Guide and Videos

Now, this technically isn’t a ramp “feature”, but we receive a lot of feedback about it, so we’re giving it an honorary mention. All DoggoRamps come with a Training and Installation Guide, and we also have tons of extra training tips and videos available online

Tinkerbell’s hooman also mentioned: “Even though our rescue pup was born deaf, we were able to quickly train her using the helpful online videos from DoggoRamps!”

Oreo the Dachshund sits on the bed with his DoggoRamp in front of him

As well, Oreo, Missy, and Joey’s owners reported (Oreo pictured above): “Training insight was extremely helpful, with our 15-year-old Oreo, with limited sight, taking to the ramp better than expected.”

When creating DoggoRamps, we paid close attention to detail to bring you and your four-legged family members the best of the best. 

While we covered five essential ramp features in this post, you can check out a complete description of all DoggoRamps features using the links below:

Do you currently have a DoggoRamp in your home? What’s your favourite ramp feature? Comment below!

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