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Couch Ramp Railing Kit

Our safety rails are an excellent feature for keeping your dog safe & secure while using our Couch Ramp. The rails help prevent dogs from taking shortcuts over or off the ramp, and are great for senior or disabled dogs who are prone to missteps. Just like our ramps, the rails are made of furniture-quality solid Maple hardwood.

Each Railing Kit includes:

  • 2 long side rails (railings are approx. 8.5" high once installed).
  • 1 top end rail.
  • Bolts & allen key
  • Threaded inserts (only needed if you are retrofitting our old/original Couch Ramp. Please see our Retrofit Tutorial if you are retrofitting).

Please note: 

  • As long as you purchased your Couch Ramp from us after November 20th, 2023, then you have the new version of the Couch Ramp which already has the threaded inserts installed and is ready to attach the railings with just the bolts & allen key! If you aren't sure, just look at the outer sides and top end of your ramp - you should see empty holes - this is where the railings would attach. If you don't see those empty holes, you'll need to do the retrofit.
  • The Railing Kit is non-returnable and final sale (unless of damage or defect). 

Benefits of solid hardwood dog ramp, strong sturdy safer and furniture quality

The Solid Hardwood Advantage

All our dog ramps are crafted of solid Maple hardwood, and made here in North America. We strive to deliver a high quality furniture product, backed by a manufacturer warranty. We can't offer the same prices as something made overseas, but by purchasing from us, we hope you take pride in supporting local jobs & manufacturing.

✔️ Very strong, sturdy, durable

✔️ The standard in true furniture quality

✔️ Beautiful and unique graining

✔️ Better finishing quality and staining

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sabrina Dayton

Couch Ramp Railing Kit


Love it.

Poor info

I purchased this to go with my existing ramp. I had no idea till after it arrived that I had to drill the holes myself into the ramp. I am not skilled in this area nor had the tools for it. I got the tools to do it, but it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. You basically get one try to get the holes just right.

Jesse Long
The addition I didn't know I needed for my couch ramp!

When the couch ramp with rails was announced I loved the idea because my senior dachshund I had noticed was becoming hesitant to use the couch ramp but had no problem with the bigger and higher bed ramp and realized it could be a result of the railing making her more confident. However, I wasn't sure about buying a whole new ramp but then I saw that DoggoRamps had created the COUCH RAMP RAILING KIT to modify the original couch ramp and I was sold! Now my dog has no trouble going up the couch ramp! It is perfect! I have loved all the products I have purchased from DoggoRamps and the great customer service is a huge plus. Great people and quality products!

Dorothy Schafler
Love the side rails

I bought the couch ramps several years after I had bought the bed ramp, which always came with a railing. Although I wished the couch ramp came with railings, I bought them because I love the quality of DOGGORAMPS and the fact that they are made in North America. My dog, who will be 15 in May, is having trouble walking due to IMPA (doggy rheumatoid arthritis) and slipped off the side of the couch ramp. Fortunately, she fell on the pillow I had on the ground for just such a possibility and wasn’t injured. The side rails on the ramp have made a big difference in her safety; she now stands at the top of the ramp and centers herself before using the ramp.She and I feel very secure with the new side rails.

Michele Chuvan
Retrofit railings

We had to do drilling in order to install the railings to our older model couch ramp. All parts we needed were included and the railing looks great. Would definitely purchase again if needed for our other chair ramp.