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Kit de rampe supplémentaire (petite rampe de lit)

Kit de garde-corps supplémentaire pour la rampe de lit DoggoRamp, comprenant :

  • 2 barrières latérales longues.
  • 1 petit rail supérieur.
  • Corde d'ancrage et bloc.

Les garde-corps sont disponibles dans les mêmes 5 options de couleurs que les rampes.

Benefits of solid hardwood dog ramp, strong sturdy safer and furniture quality

The Solid Hardwood Advantage

All our dog ramps are crafted of solid Maple hardwood, and made here in North America. We strive to deliver a high quality furniture product, backed by a manufacturer warranty. We can't offer the same prices as something made overseas, but by purchasing from us, we hope you take pride in supporting local jobs & manufacturing.

✔️ Very strong, sturdy, durable

✔️ The standard in true furniture quality

✔️ Beautiful and unique graining

✔️ Better finishing quality and staining

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Colleen Washburn

After having the original ramp i ordered take a detoured trip across the U.S. Doggo ramps shipped me another one in the meantime. Both ramps arrive at my house at the same time off the same truck. One took two weeks to arrive and the other three days. Shame on you FedEx! Anyway, my ramp finally arrived and when I opened the package, it was in excellent condition. I ordered the small dog bed ramp in walnut stain. I am impressed with the quality of the ramp. The base of the ramp is solid and the rubber mat is of good quality too. I have set it up after initial training and the dogs are using it well. Still have a bit of training to do using it to get off the bed, but that will take time. The reason I only gave this rating 4 stars is because of the railing. I feel the ends of the railing should be rounded off. I have a senior dog that is losing his sight and the bottom rail is about eye height and I have seen him bump into it a couple time so I had to put a cushion on the end. Also the post are flimsy. One post already broke off at the base. I feel the railing should be a little sturdier.

Bloncie Moore
Extra Railing

Thank you! Very pleased. This dog ramp is the best,my pet loves it an much as l do.don’t have to worry about her falling,Thanks again!