Teaching Puppy to Use Bed Ramp WITHOUT Training!

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Teaching Puppy to Use Bed Ramp WITHOUT Training!

In this post we'd like to show you how easy it is for a puppy to learn how to use a dog ramp WITHOUT any training. We'll provide some helpful steps and suggestions. 

Ultimately, the best time to introduce your dog to a bed ramp is when they are a puppy. By doing this, you'll also ensure your dog doesn't learn how or experience jumping from a bed. In fact, by learning the DoggoRamp at such a young age, they don't even register jumping off the bed as an option.

Take Daphne here as our example, an adorable little miniature dachshund.

cute mini dachshund learning to use ramp

 She was just 11 weeks old when she arrived to her new home. 

Now, this is where your situation may differ slightly to this one. When Daphne arrives home, Crusoe, a 9 year old dachshund was already living there, and was already accustomed to the ramp. 

Therefore, it literally only took her once seeing her big brother go up the ramp for her to follow. 

BUT, the amazing part, is that literally on her very first day home, she was using the ramp up and down.

Watch her adorable video here of her first day using the DoggoRamp.

Now, what if you don't already have a dog to set the example of using the ramp?

Well, it's still pretty easy. Here's what to do:

1) Sit or lie on the bed yourself, near the top of the ramp, and encourage the puppy to come to you. You can use a toy or treat, or whatever seems to be working. At such a young age, puppies are very receptive to trying new things, as they haven't developed any fears yet (generally speaking). Of course, giving amazing praises when they do it.

2) If the above doesn't work, try leading the puppy with a treat up the ramp. If they do it, praise heavily.

3) If that still doesn't work or the puppy is timid or not interested, leave it be. He or she might just need a little time, or might be interested in something else. Leave the ramp set up, and wait to try again later. At some point, the puppy will likely wish to join you up on the bed. Almost always, if you make it seem like there is an incredible amount of fun happening up on the bed, they WILL come up.

For going down:

1) Once your puppy has gone up the ramp, keep a close eye and distance to them. You don't want them to attempt jumping off, and you want to show them how to go down before they try to figure it out themselves. Similarly, lead them down with a treat, praising them when they're down.

2) Alternatively, ensure the puppy is near the top of the ramp, and then encourage them to come down while you are at the other end. You don't want to encourage the puppy to come to you when they are too far from the top of the ramp, just yet.

Then repeat:

It's important to practice the up and down as much as you can, keeping it fun, and praising/rewarding whenever done right. This will burn the routine into their mind.

The goal:

The goal is for the puppy to ONLY associate the ramp with the way off the bed, so that even if they are on an opposite corner of the bed, wishing to get down, the head towards the ramp as opposed to jumping off. And we can ensure you, this WILL happen.

Daphne here, is already doing it, without even a formal training routine, or even praise/rewards offered for doing it. She just followed her brother, and now it's the only way on and off the bed she knows.

Watch this. Even when starting on the corner of the bed opposite the top of the ramp, when called to come, she still heads towards the ramp. 

All dogs, young or older, can learn to use a dog ramp for the bed. Definitely the easiest time to introduce your dog is why they are a puppy, but remember, ANY dog can learn it. We've seen many dogs of all ages learn to use it well.

Happy ramping,


DoggoRamps Team

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Skye holloway
Skye holloway

March 19, 2020

buster loves the bed ramp. Ever night when i start walking to my room he dashes off to my bedroom and when i get there i see him walking up the ramp and then laying down on my bed.

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