Introducing the DoggoRamps COUCH RAMP for Dogs!

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Introducing the DoggoRamps COUCH RAMP for Dogs!

We are very excited to have launched our brand new COUCH ramp for dogs!

DoggoRamps Couch ramp for dogs

As always, we started from scratch at the drawing board, re-inventing how a couch ramp for dogs should work and function, and improving upon all the other versions that were on the market and that lacked what WE WANTED to see in the best couch ramp for dogs.

plans for dog couch ramp

Here's why the DoggoRamps couch ramp is different and better than the rest:

  • A little landing platform at the top provides an easy and convenient step on and off the ramp, especially for more timid or physically-limited dogs.
  • The ramp is made of furniture-grade Maple hardwood, so can easily sustain over 150lbs, and thus any weight of dog!
  • The ramp is adjustable in height from 14" to 20", which covers virtually all heights of a couch. The legs of the ramp fold up neatly into the ramp, so it can be folded flat for easy storage.
  • We use our unique PAWGRIP anti-slip surface, so no slipping, no effort for all dogs.

Adjustable height couch ramp for dogs

And one thing that can ONLY be delivered by DoggoRamps, is a choice of 5 beautiful color options to better match your home.

Walnut stain couch ramp for dogs

The colors include walnut, natural, grey, white, and black. 

Learn more about the new DoggoRamps couch ramp for dogs on our product page here!



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October 23, 2020

Well I’m pretty excited. When my little furry girl wasn’t even a year old something happened outside and about an hour after she came in she couldn’t walk, her back legs were paralyzed. She had to use a doggie wheelchair for awhile but with water therapy and all she learned to walk sometimes but not “regular “ walking and when she’s in a hurry the back legs drop and she drags them. So I finally decided to get her a ramp because she can’t jump up. I looked at a lot of products on Amazon and was horrified when a couple of them people said they collapsed. So I looked at the doggo ramps and spent about $100 more than I had intended but very happy to see it is US made and the reviews looked great. It arrives today and I can’t wait to see how my little furry girl does!! Thank you for giving me a choice of a better product!! I’ll let you know how she does with it….

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