Yorkie Care: Does My Yorkshire Terrier Need a Dog Ramp?

Yorkie Care: Does My Yorkshire Terrier Need a Dog Ramp?

Indoor dog ramps are becoming increasingly popular among pet owners with toy breeds, especially Yorkshire Terriers.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), Yorkies have been one of the top 15 most popular breeds for over a decade. However, conversations about the risks Yorkies face from jumping have only recently started getting more attention.

Standing at a height of 7”- 9” at the shoulder and weighing roughly 7lbs., Yorkshire Terriers aren't able to easily get on and off furniture like couches and beds.

Their small build also makes them prone to serious joint and back problems that can be aggravated or triggered through jumping.

Fortunately, pet ramps give this independent breed an impact-free, convenient, and vet-recommended way to enjoy their favorite spots and activities.

If you want to learn more about taking care of your Yorkie, continue on to find out why indoor ramps are a necessity for these tiny terriers.

Why do Yorkies Benefit from Dog Ramps?

With their petite bodies, Yorkies are more delicate and susceptible to impact-related injuries than dogs with bigger and sturdier physiques. For this toy breed, hopping off a couch or bed often involves jumping a distance that’s at least 2 or 3 times its size. Despite the Yorkshire Terrier’s fearless and determined nature, jumping these distances puts a great deal of stress on their joints and bones. This can lead to expensive injuries or exacerbate health conditions that are common among Yorkies.

Ramps provide Yorkshire Terriers with a safe alternative to jumping and allow them to enjoy a more comfortable and happier life!

Sammy the Yorkshire Terrier stand on top of his Couch Ramp for Dogs

As a Teacup Yorkie weighing 2.5lbs., @sammy_in_the_city_ relies on his ramp to reach his big comfy couch.

Yorkie Back Leg Problems

Yorkies have a genetic predisposition to Patellar Luxation and are one of the top breeds to struggle with this knee condition. Patellar Luxation happens when a dog’s kneecap chronically slips out of place often leading to discomfort and pain.

While it can be triggered by an impact-related injury, Patellar Luxation is usually caused by joint abnormalities common in toy breeds. The condition typically affects a Yorkie’s hind legs, and you may see them skipping and kicking their legs while walking in an attempt to force their kneecaps back into place. 

Patellar Luxation has different levels of severity, and in extreme cases, may require costly surgeries, (one DoggoRamper recently received an estimate of $2,000 per knee), and call for lengthy rehabilitation treatments.

While some Yorkies may be able to manage this condition without surgery, Patellar Luxation leaves these pups more susceptible to leg and hip injuries, arthritis, and weakened back legs.

As a genetic condition, there is no way to prevent Patellar Luxation. However, dog ramps can help these terriers reduce the amount of daily stress they place on their back legs and decrease the discomfort they experience. Using ramps can also help Yorkies avoid additional jumping-related injuries.

Minnie the Yorkie with her Bed Ramp for Small Dogs

After introducing her pup to the DoggoRamps Small Bed Ramp, Minnie's Hooman wrote: “I tried steps twice and returned them as they were too steep or the cushion was just not natural. This ramp is just right and it helped my Minnie with her Luxating Patella. She goes up and down with a natural glide. What’s even more surprising is she no longer jumps off the bed or cries to get picked up. She is on her own as she knows it’s easy and safe!"

Another Yorkie Owner shared:

DoggoRamps Small Bed Ramp 5-Star Review from a Yorkie Owner

Yorkie Back Problems

Like Dachshunds, Basset Hounds, and even Frenchies, Yorkies are also prone to Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). This spinal condition can be triggered by the impact from a jump and cause severe pain or even sudden paralysis. Treating IVDD can involve expensive surgeries and months of rehabilitation.

Should a Yorkie enjoy spending time on the couch or bed, countless veterinarians recommend teaching these little terriers how to use ramps to get on and off furniture in order to help protect their spines.

Are Dog Ramps or Stairs better for a Yorkie?

When choosing between pet steps or a ramp for your Yorkshire Terrier, a ramp is always the better choice. Since Yorkies are already susceptible to joint and back problems, it’s important to reduce the amount of stress they place on their bodies as much as possible. A ramp is the only option that is completely impact-free.

Toy Breeds like Yorkies also benefit from more gradual slopes. Pet stairs are often designed to be compact in nature, which makes their inclines steeper and more challenging for small dogs to navigate. On the other hand, well-designed ramps, like the DoggoRamps Couch Ramp and Small Bed Ramp, are longer and offer a low-incline design. This makes them easier for small dogs to use.

Two Yorkies pose with the dog ramp

Yorkies Theo and Dallas (@austin_the_yorkie_crew) enjoy the easy walk up their ramp to the couch!

Ramps and Yorkie Temperament

Don’t let a Yorkshire Terrier’s size fool you. Despite being a toy breed, Yorkies are energetic, feisty, and brave. They are loyal to their owners and enjoy a good snuggle, but they also like their independence. 

As big fans of all things cozy and comfortable, Yorkies love spending time on couches and beds. Their stubborn and courageous personalities make them persistent and they will often try to reach their desired destinations even if it’s not necessarily safe for them to do so.

Training your Yorkshire Terrier to use an indoor ramp will allow them to freely enjoy their favorite places without having them test their limits by attempting risky jumps. 

 A Yorkie rests on top of the couch with her couch ramp for dogs in front of her

After introducing her Yorkie to the DoggoRamps Couch Ramp, Mady’s Pawrent reported: “I can’t begin to tell you how this has changed Mady’s life! She’s a 2 year old, 6 1/2 lb. Yorkie who is so full of energy; and enjoys showing everyone she can do anything. wasn’t as easy to get on her favorite chair, and the jumping really wasn’t good for her legs. The DoggoRamp has been a game changer. It’s a beautifully made ramp and it has given her the ability to enjoy her favorite spot again!”

A Yorkshire Terrier sits on top of his dog ramp

As a Yorkshire Terrier that values his independence, prefers getting on and off the couch by himself and is able to do so safely with the help of his ramp!

Why are DoggoRamps the Best Choice for Yorkshire Terriers?

Yorkie owners repeatedly choose DoggoRamps Couch and Bed Ramps for their pets. DoggoRamps' unique features provide the safety and security these tiny terriers need:

Solid Hardwood For Extra Sturdiness and Stability

DoggoRamps are made out of furniture-calibre, solid Maple and weigh between 15lbs. (Couch Ramp) to 46lbs. (Large Bed Ramp). Using hardwood helps create a sturdier ramp that stays put while dogs walk (or run) up and down. 

Even though it may seem like such a strong ramp isn’t necessary for a toy breed under 10lbs., it’s important to consider Yorkie behaviour and temperament. 

As an energetic breed, Yorkshire Terriers move quickly - especially when they’re in a rush. They will look for the fastest way to get to where they want to go. If a ramp wobbles or wiggles due to the extra force applied from a quicker step, it’s likely that these pups will find it inconvenient or troublesome to use and will resort to jumping. A sturdy ramp can be used quickly or slowly, which plays a big role when it comes to consistent ramp use for Yorkies.

A Yorkie stands on his couch ramp for dogs

A couple months before his 6th birthday, @tosh.yorkie's Hoomans noticed that their pup was starting to hesitate before hopping on and off the couch and bed. After sustaining a small injury from jumping, they wanted to do what they could to prevent that from happening again and reduce the amount of stress he puts on his joints day-to-day. They also knew Tosh is a picky pup and would refuse to use anything that wasn’t completely stable.

After training Tosh to use the DoggoRamps Couch Ramp, his owners wrote:

We were so happy to see how quickly he picked up using the ramp, especially since he tends to be a fussy guy! We've noticed that the sturdiness of the ramp and the anti-slip surface have made a massive difference for him with using the ramp and with helping him feel confident and secure!” 

Anti-Slip PawGrip for Traction

Proper traction on a ramp is a MUST, and its importance can’t be emphasized enough for breeds with joint issues. Accidental slips can cause these pups to stretch their limbs outside of a comfortable range of motion, which can cause further injury and pain.

Fortunately, all DoggoRamps feature a soft and rubbery anti-slip PAWGRIP surface to provide ramp users with incredible traction that’s stronger than any carpet.

Low-Incline Design

With a low-incline design, all DoggoRamps have gradual slopes for dogs to navigate, so they can easily and safely reach their favorite places. Gentle inclines are necessary for smaller dogs - specifically toy breeds - as steep climbs put extra strain on their joints.

Reversible and Removable Safety Railings (Small Bed Ramp)

While the Couch Ramp can be adjusted to a maximum height of 21”, the DoggoRamps Bed Ramp for Small Dogs can reach a much higher height of 37”. In order to keep your pup safe when getting on and off a taller bed, all DoggoRamps Bed Ramps come with Safety Railings. They're reversible and removable too, so they can be placed in the perfect spots for your ramp setup. 

A Yorkshire Terrier walks down her bed ramp for dogs

The DoggoRamps Small Bed Ramp’s railings are the perfect height for keeping Reedy (@jupiter_reedy) safe as she makes her down her ramp. They also help prevent her from jumping and taking any shortcuts off her ramp!

If you’ve got a Yorkie that loves spending time on the couch or bed, providing your pup with a safe alternative to jumping is a necessity.

DoggoRamps not only provide these terriers with a convenient way of getting to and from their favourite places, but they are the best option for protecting their delicate backs and joints

To learn more about choosing a DoggoRamp for your Yorkie, you can explore:

Happy Ramping!

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