A Bed Ramp That WORKS for Handicapped Dog, Nemo, with Three Legs

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A Bed Ramp That WORKS for Handicapped Dog, Nemo, with Three Legs

This is the story of owner Doug who rescued Nemo, a dachshund-beagle mix who was born with three legs.

bed ramp for disabled handicapped dog

Doug tells his story best, so read below for his full story, and also check out this short video for a close-up look at Nemo's life at home.

"Nemo is probably a dachshund-beagle mix, based on his unique personality and body type. About six and half years ago, someone found him abandoned in a box-store parking lot in Missouri. A local rescue in Colorado had shared his photo on Facebook. He was about to euthanized so my wife Julia and I offered to foster him. We were failed fosters...we decided to keep him pretty much immediately after picking him up off of the van from MO!

Looks like he was born with a deformed right front leg. His radius and ulna bones never merged, so he had two pretty useless mini-legs. (He was a five-legged three-legged dog, if that makes sense. :)) We had one of the extra ones removed so that he could fit into a harness and wheel. However, he never really adapted to that orthotic solution, so he just runs around on his three good legs and uses the fourth mini one as a little kickstand once in awhile.

Dachshund Beagle with three legsWe are huge fans of Crusoe and we were early followers on Facebook and YouTube. We saw your Indiegogo campaign about a year ago and just knew that ramp would be good for Nemo.

His one good leg in the front is really overdeveloped and bows out a lot, which is exacerbated by his long dachshund body. So the ramp is HUGE for him...he get can get on the bed easily and can get off without jumping. He loves it!

The ramp is truly a game changer for us. 🙂"

- Doug Kalish

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Frank Cadena
Frank Cadena

October 14, 2019

What’s the price of the doggo ramp?

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