• Large Dog Ramp for Beds - for Large Breeds and Medium Dogs

Large Bed Ramp

Designed for Large Dogs, But Great for All Dogs

adjustable height for even the tallest beds

Altura ajustable para todas las camas

ramp for large dogs up to 200 lbs

Para perros de cualquier tamaño, hasta 200 libras.

Solid hardwood dog ramps

Hecho a mano con madera maciza.

Made in North America

100% hecho en Norteamérica

Cuando se trata de rampas para camas para perros, los perros más grandes han sido pasados ​​por alto en el mercado durante demasiado tiempo. Bueno, diseñamos la rampa junto a la cama perfecta para perros más grandes (AÚN, que también es ideal para varios perros medianos o pequeños) :

✔️ Plataforma extra ancha con baja inclinación.

✔️ Hecho fuerte y resistente hasta 200 libras.

✔️Superficie antideslizante única que es mejor que la alfombra.

✔️Barandillas de seguridad.

✔️ Camas ajustables hasta 35" de altura.

Dog ramp for bed large dogs, specs dimensions

Rampa grande para perros para camas

DoggoRamps Garantía de 60 días y 1 año de garantía, y envío gratis

Nuestra gran rampa para camas para perros fue diseñada para perros medianos y grandes, como perros perdigueros, pastores alemanes, basset hounds, etc. Especialmente cuando estos perros ingresan a la tercera edad, o tienen artritis u otras condiciones de salud, o tal vez simplemente son bajos como los basset. sabuesos, usted quiere una rampa que sea fuerte, robusta y lo suficientemente ancha para estos perros más grandes. Y eso es exactamente lo que es esto.

Sin embargo, no es sólo para los perros más grandes. Muchos clientes con varios perros pequeños o medianos optan por esta rampa de cama por su plataforma más amplia y su estructura más resistente en comparación con nuestra rampa de cama pequeña para perros .

  • Altura ajustable incluso para las camas más altas, de 20" a 35" de altura.
  • La plataforma de aterrizaje en la parte superior facilita que su perro suba y baje de la rampa.
  • Plataforma extra ancha para perros más grandes o de cuerpo más largo (bassets), o para varios perros medianos o pequeños.
  • La inclinación larga y baja le permite a su perro subir y bajar más fácilmente.
  • Sostiene perros de hasta 200 libras. (¿Tiene un perro pequeño? Vea nuestra rampa para cama pequeña ).
  • PAWGRIP antideslizante, una superficie suave y gomosa que proporciona una tracción increíble; ¡Mucho mejor que la alfombra!
  • Completamente ensamblado en la caja (no se requieren herramientas).
  • Robustas barandillas de seguridad extraíbles y reversibles.
  • Incluye nuestra guía de entrenamiento de rampas para perros desarrollada por expertos.
  • Hecho de madera maciza de arce.
  • 100% Hecho en Norteamérica, ¡gracias por apoyar a los locales!


  • Dimensiones: base de 64" de largo, 20" de ancho (la plataforma mide 18" de ancho). Se pliega hasta 4,5".
  • Peso del producto: 46 libras.

Benefits of solid hardwood dog ramp, strong sturdy safer and furniture quality

The Solid Hardwood Advantage

All our dog ramps are crafted of solid Maple hardwood, and made here in North America. We strive to deliver a high quality furniture product, backed by a manufacturer warranty. We can't offer the same prices as something made overseas, but by purchasing from us, we hope you take pride in supporting local jobs & manufacturing.

✔️ Very strong, sturdy, durable

✔️ The standard in true furniture quality

✔️ Beautiful and unique graining

✔️ Better finishing quality and staining

How Dogs From Instagram Are Using this Ramp!

Customer Reviews

Based on 434 reviews
Anthony Danner
Exactly What I Was Looking For

I was looking for something to prevent my 115 lb. dog from getting injured, while getting on and off of my bed. The steps and ramps I had looked at seemed too unstable or too narrow. Until I saw an ad for the DoggoRamps. Initially, I disregarded it because of the price, compared to other products that I had seen. However, as the days passed and reading many reviews, I made the decision to take the chance and order a large bed ramp, from DoggoRamps. A discount code saved me some money, but it still was not inexpensive. The ramp arrived and was ready for use, after easily attaching the two safety rails. I followed the included directions to acclimate my dog to the ramp. It only took a week or so for my dog to exclusively use the ramp to access my bed. The rubber matting on the ramp, instead of carpeting, is great, as there is no slippage. The ramp is extremely sturdy. I have walked up the ramp, with no wobble. The only negative comment I have is that there is already a small hole in the rubber matting. If it doesn't get any bigger, it won't be an issue. These ramps are not cheap. But they also are not made cheaply! This ramp is everything I was hoping it would be and most important is that my dog uses it! I highly recommend these ramps for large dogs! It was well worth the investment, especially if it can prevent an injury from a larger dog jumping off of the bed. And it will allow my dog to access her favorite sleeping spot, as she gets older. I have recommended these ramps to people I know and I am unquestionably satisfied with my purchase!

So great I have bought two

I have two of the ramps for large breed dogs and they are great! My dogs love being able to walk up the ramp to snuggle or just take a nap when they have the whole bed to themselves. Easy to move to vacuum also. Stain is a little strong did a couple of days but then it ok. Love these ramps!

Sherry Mattison
Excellent Craftsmanship

Having had doxies all my life, with two of them needing wheelchairs, I know how important it is to keep them from jumping too much. I follow Crusoe and Daphne on Instagram and knew I had to get this ramp. It is very well made, with lots of attention to detail, and I appreciate the guard rails! I would include a video, but they zip up and down there so fast, I can never catch them in the action. However, I know they would give it two paws up!

Rico Lopez
Perfect for my German Shepherd

The ramp is the sturdy enough for my GS to get herself on and off the bed, without having to jump. Glad to have this for my dog!

Kim Ledet
Just What The Dogtor Ordered!

My 14 year old girl can now get in and out of my bed with ease. The ramp arrived earlier than expected, it was 99% already put together and it's durably built. It's also aesthetically pleasing. I was a little hesitant at first because of the price but my girl is worth it. Plus once it came in I knew I made the right decision. We love our Doggo Ramp.

Jason Sanford
Great purchase

This ramp is perfect for my bed which sits pretty high. I had a ramp that worked but it was so steep my dachshund would have to get a running start. This ramp is well made, sturdy and has a gradual incline so she can stop or start anywhere on it without a problem. I also love the guard rails so I don’t need to worry about her falling off. Our senior dog uses this too so he can get up and down off the bed with no help now. Great purchase. Highly recommend

Colleen McClone
Great quality

Love this ramp so well built! I just can’t get my male dog to use it. He jumps off the bed onto it (which is dangerous) and runs 1/2 way up and jumps up on bed. I am not giving up yet. Our female is awesome on it.

Sean Sheridan
Fantastic Product!

Our 150lbs Lab/Great Dane mix has just started showing signs of arthritis in his hips. His favorite spot is our bed, so he couldn’t jump up anymore and would just wander the bedroom whining. The cheap stuff on Amazon couldn’t support him. Fortunately we found Doggo Ramps! After one day he figured it out, and now he’s back in his spot when I go out of town. Great product!

Great for my dog

Do my dog has the beginnings of arthritis in her back legs and I have a very tall bed, so this dog ramp is sturdy enough for her, and she’s actually willing to use it!

Great product for elderly dogs or issues with legs

Bought it so my senior dog wouldn't have to wait for me to pick him up.

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El envío es 100% gratuito para todos los pedidos a EE. UU. continental y Canadá.

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¿Cómo entreno a mi perro para que use la rampa?

En cada caja de producto, incluimos nuestro Folleto de pasos de entrenamiento desarrollado por expertos, que ha demostrado ser súper efectivo y marcar una gran diferencia, especialmente para los perros que son más tímidos ante las cosas nuevas. Además, si aún experimenta algún desafío, puede comunicarse con nosotros y nuestro tiempo lo guiará personalmente con consejos de entrenamiento y entrenamiento para su perro y su situación específica.

¿Cuál es la política de devolución?

Si su rampa no funciona por cualquier motivo, con gusto le ofrecemos un período de devolución de 60 días flexible y sin complicaciones (lea la política completa aquí). Si su problema es el adiestramiento o uso de perros, siempre apreciaremos la oportunidad de ayudarlo. Comuníquese con nosotros en cualquier momento en doggoramps@gmail.com .

¿Hay garantía?

¡Sí! Respaldamos la calidad de nuestros productos y estamos orgullosos de ofrecer una garantía del fabricante de 1 año en todos nuestros productos. Lea la política completa aquí .

¿No estoy seguro de qué rampa elegir?

En primer lugar, depende de si buscas una solución de sofá o de cama.

Si está buscando una solución de sofá , consulte nuestra rampa para sofá que funciona para todos los perros de hasta 150 libras.

Si buscas una rampa para la cama , depende del tamaño de tu perro. Si tiene un perro pequeño de menos de 40 libras, consulte nuestra rampa para camas para perros pequeños . Si tiene un perro de más de 40 libras, O si tiene varios o más perros más pequeños, elija nuestra rampa de cama grande para un límite de peso más alto y una plataforma más ancha.

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