Should Dogs Be Allowed on Furniture? 5 Benefits and Tips

Should Dogs Be Allowed on Furniture? 5 Benefits and Tips

Whether they’ve been given furniture privileges or not, dogs have a knack for finding their way onto our couches and beds.

While some pet owners aren't the biggest fans this behavior, others love nothing more than snuggling up with their four-legged family members in these comfy and cozy spots. (FYI: as a dog ramp supplier, we're 100% for couch cuddles and giving dogs free rein of "our" furniture😉).

What’s more is that with an innate desire to be close to their owners and a love of comfort, most dogs enjoy spending time on our furniture too.

So if you’ve been wondering whether you should allow your dog on the couch or bed, here are 5 ways dogs benefit from having access to furniture + how you can create a safer and more comfortable home environment for your pup!

1. Dogs Enjoy and Physically Benefit From Comfort

Dogs love comfort just as much as we do, and in many cases, there’s no cozier spot to nestle up than a couch or bed.

Adult dogs typically spend up to 14 hours per day sleeping and having access to a soft and comfortable spot can help a pup relax and enjoy better quality sleep.

Couches and beds can also provide dogs with a supportive place to rest, which is especially important for older dogs and pups dealing with joint problems.

Last but not least, with soft fabrics and decorative accents such as blankets and pillows, many pieces of furniture are excellent sources of warmth too!

Golden Retriever sleeping on a bed

Nothing like soaking up some sunshine while snoozing in the comfiest spot in the house!

2. Furniture Privileges Can Help Dogs Feel Happier

As social creatures, dogs enjoy spending time with and being physically close to the people they love. Studies over the years have shown that our furry family members feel happier and more comfortable when they’re with the individuals they’ve bonded to.

Sharing moments of relaxation and contact with their owners can also cause dogs to produce more of the “love” hormone, oxytocin. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our pups want nothing more than to follow us up onto our furniture!

A longhaired Dachshund sitting on the couch with her owner

3. Access to Furniture Can Help Dogs Feel Closer to You at Any Time - Even When You're Not Home

Hanging out on furniture also helps dogs feel closer to us, especially when we’re away. 

With a dog’s sense of smell being anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 times better than a human’s, dogs use smells to make sense of their surroundings and understand the world.

Since we tend to spend a significant amount of time on our couches and beds, they often smell like us - even if we can’t detect it, our dogs most definitely do. As a result, being on furniture allows dogs to get close to and in contact with our scents, which can provide them with reassurance and comfort.

A Chocolate Labrador sitting on the bed with his DoggoRamps Large Bed Ramp placed along the foot of the bed

4. It’s Where They Feel Safe

In general, being in close proximity to us or our scents can play a pretty important role in helping dogs feel more secure in their environment.

And getting the opportunity to do so from a cozy, raised surface, such as a couch or bed, is even better as sitting or resting higher up gives dogs better visibility for keeping an eye on their surroundings and making sure everything is in order.

A longhaired Dachshund peacefully sleeping on the couch

For Fifi the Dachshund, the couch isn't just a great spot for a nap. It's also the perfect place for snuggling up with her owners and getting a good view of her living room.

5. Gaining a Better Vantage Point and Mental Enrichment

Getting a better view of their surroundings through the use of furniture doesn’t just help dogs feel safer at home. Greater visibility also makes it easier for dogs to be on the lookout for any fun or exciting opportunities, such as possible playtime, snack time, and more! We’re sure we’re not the only dog owners that have seen a pup’s tail start to wag in anticipation whenever we walk by one of their toys.

As well, couches or beds stationed by windows can allow dogs to easily take part in Neighborhood Watch or Squirrel Patrol - both activities that these innately curious animals enjoy!

And whether access to furniture helps dogs better observe events inside or outside their homes - both of these activities can help reduce boredom and keep dogs occupied.

A longhaired Dachshund using her DoggoRamps StepRamp to reach a bench and look out the window

Daphne's StepRamp makes taking part in "Squirrel Patrol" a breeze!

Creating a Safer and More Comfortable Home Environment for You and Your Pup

From keeping our spaces clear of hazards, using pet-friendly cleaning products, and more, there are countless actions we can take in order to create dog-friendly homes for our pups.

However, when it comes to giving our dogs access to furniture specifically, there’s one big thing we can do to help keep our dogs safe and that’s introducing them to indoor dog ramps.

Dog ramps give pups a convenient and low-impact way of getting up and down from furniture, so they no longer have to rely on jumping in order to enjoy their favorite spots.

It's important to keep in mind that while many dogs may appear to be more than capable managing the leap, repetitive jumping on and off furniture is not necessarily a safe activity for dogs as it can:

  • Put additional strain on a dog’s joints and back
  • Lead to premature wear and tear
  • Increase chances of injury
  • Exacerbate existing conditions
  • And more

With an easier and low-impact means of accessing furniture, pups can enjoy a safer environment at home.

What’s more is that training dogs to use indoor ramps can help protect our backs and joints too as we will no longer be required to lift our dogs to deliver human elevator rides on and off couches and beds. Check out what a recent DoggoRamps customer had to say:

5 out of 5 Star DoggoRamps Review

The Best Indoor Ramps for Dogs: DoggoRamps

Whether you’re looking to give your dog easier access to and from the couch, bed, or another piece of furniture, DoggoRamps have got you and your pup covered!

All of our ramps:

  • Are crafted from furniture-grade solid maple hardwood - making them sturdy, strong, and durable
  • Have a unique rubbery and textured anti-slip surface to provide amazing traction
  • Feature a wide range of adjustable height settings to work with any couch and bed - including beds up to 35” and 37” tall
  • Come in multiple finish options to complement your home and style

All in all, introducing your pup to a functional and well-made dog ramp, such as a DoggoRamp, can help ensure that your pup has a ramp that they will actually use and enjoy!

Dogs of all ages and sizes with their DoggoRamps Couch and Bed Ramps for Dogs

Dogs of all ages and sizes enjoy DoggoRamps.

Dogs love spending time on human furniture not just because it’s comfortable. From improved feelings of security to easier access to enrichment activities, allowing our dogs onto our couches and beds strengthens their bond with us and makes them happier too.

And while repetitive jumping on and off furniture is not necessarily a safe way for dogs to access their favorite spots on a daily basis, indoor dog ramps can provide them with a convenient and secure means of getting to and from the comfiest places at home.

To learn more about choosing the right indoor ramp for your dog, check out:

Happy Ramping!

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