Corgi Care: Do Corgis Need Dog Ramps?

Corgi Care: Do Corgis Need Dog Ramps? A smiling Corgi rests on the couch with his dog ramp in front of him.

Like Dachshunds and Basset Hounds, Corgis are also popular DoggoRamps users.

With their short legs, fluffy behinds, and endearing grins, it’s no surprise that Corgis have skyrocketed in popularity during the last decade.

While the Corgi’s distinct appearance makes it instantly recognizable, it also leaves it susceptible to serious back and joint conditions that can be triggered or exacerbated through jumping

Thankfully, dog ramps are a simple and effective way of providing Corgis with an impact-free means of reaching their favorite hangout spots, such as couches and beds.  

To learn more about taking care of your Corgi, read on to discover why indoor dog ramps are a MUST for these long-bodied dogs.

Why do Corgis Need Dog Ramps?

While the American Kennel Club recognizes two distinct Corgi breeds (the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi), both Corgis are chondrodystrophic breeds. These are dog breeds that have been bred to have long or sturdy bodies with short legs. 

In addition to Corgis, other examples of chondrodystrophic dog breeds include Dachshunds, Basset Hounds, and French Bulldogs.

Chondrodystrophic dogs are unfortunately prone to back and joint issues due to their build. Countless veterinarians recommend that they avoid jumping on and off higher surfaces, such as indoor furniture, to prevent them from putting extra stress on their spines and legs.

Should your Corgi enjoy spending time on the couch or bed, dog ramps can provide a safe and convenient alternative to jumping.

A smiling Corgi rests on the couch with his dog ramp in front of him

Potato enjoys using his ramp to do what he does best - being a Couch Potato!🥔😉 Using a ramp became a necessity for the pup after he underwent TPLO surgery for both his back knees in early 2022.

Corgi Back Problems: IVDD

Similar to Dachshunds, Corgis are prone to Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). This back condition occurs when the outer layers of the discs between a dog’s vertebrae begin to harden prematurely. Normally, these discs function as shock absorbers for the spine. However, as the outer layers calcify/harden, it becomes easier for the discs to bulge or burst from a harder impact or injury due to an everyday activity (such as jumping off furniture or wrestling).

If an intervertebral disc bulges or bursts, it can begin putting pressure on a dog’s spinal cord. This can lead to unsteadiness, severe pain, weakened legs, and even paralysis. What's more is that IVDD often goes undetected until a disc ruptures or herniates, and treating an episode usually involves intensive and expensive surgeries and/or months of rehabilitation. 

While IVDD can't be prevented (it's a genetic condition), ramps can provide Corgis with an impact-free way of enjoying couches and beds and eliminate the need for jumping on and off furniture.

A Corgi rests beside the couch on the floor with is dog ramp next to him

Walter's ( Couch Ramp allowed him to continue accessing one of his favorite hangout spots following his recovery from a bulging disc.

And another Corgi Owner shared:

5-Star DoggoRamps Dog Ramp Review from a Corgi Owner

Corgi Back Leg Problems

In addition to being prone to back issues, Corgis can also develop hip dysplasia. While the condition tends to be associated with larger breeds, Corgis are commonly impacted by it as well.

Hip Dysplasia occurs when the hip joint, made up of a ball and socket, develops and fits abnormally. Dogs with this condition can experience a reduced range of motion, have trouble standing up and running, experience difficulty jumping, and even face lameness in their hind legs. 

While hip dysplasia can’t necessarily be prevented - as genetics also often play a role - using ramps can help Corgis reduce the amount of stress they place on their joints over time. This can not only create a safer home environment for Corgis, but a more comfortable and enjoyable one too!

Are Dog Ramps or Pet Stairs Better for Corgis?

When choosing between pet steps or a dog ramp for a Corgi, a ramp is always the better choice. Seeing a Corgi navigate a flight of stairs may leave you feeling convinced that pet stairs will work out just fine, but it’s important to know that using stairs still requires dogs to experience many small repeated impacts over time. These impacts aren’t ideal for dogs prone to IVDD, and a ramp is the only solution that is completely impact-free.

As well, for dogs dealing with joint issues and reduced mobility, walking up and down a dog ramp with a gradual incline is a great deal easier than lifting legs up and down steps.

Two Corgis rest on the bed with their dog ramp beside them

Corgis Wesly and Brady tested out 6 different assistive devices to help them reach their tall bed - including various pet steps. Nothing seemed to be the right fit for the pups until they were introduced to a DoggoRamps Small Bed Ramp. Their paw-rent, Christina, shared:

"They love having free range to get up and down the bed without us having to pick them up or set them down."

Dog Ramps and Corgi Temperament 

Originally bred to herd, Corgis are known for being independent, active, and energetic dogs. They enjoy being on the move and keeping busy.

At the same time, Corgis are also a very affectionate breed. According to the American Kennel Club, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi specifically is one of the top 10 friendliest - and possibly the cuddliest - of dog breeds.  

With these details in mind, dog ramps are a great option for pet owners looking to introduce their Corgi to an assistive device. As opposed to pet steps, ramps can be used fast or slow, and they make it both safe and easy for Corgis to spend quality time with their hoomans by snuggling up on a cozy couch or bed.

A Corgi walks up his bed ramp for dogs to join his owner on the bed

Doby and Blue are all set for cuddle time with the help of their DoggoRamps Large Bed Ramp.

The Best Dog Ramps for Corgis: DoggoRamps

Numerous Corgi owners have chosen DoggoRamps for their short-legged pups as they have the necessary features to support the breed:

Solid Hardwood for Added Sturdiness and Stability

Despite only reaching a height 10"-12” at the shoulder, Corgis have a fairly solid build and can weigh over 30lbs. When searching for a dog ramp, most Corgi owners require a durable, well-built ramp.

Fortunately, all DoggoRamps are made from furniture-calibre, solid maple hardwood and weigh between 15lbs (the Couch Ramp and StepRamp) to 46lbs (the Large Bed Ramp). While the hardwood makes DoggoRamps feel like a proper piece of furniture in your home, it also provides the sturdiness and stability Corgis need from an assistive device.

Anti-Slip PAWGRIP for Incredible Traction

Proper grip on a ramp is non-negotiable. That’s why all DoggoRamps feature a soft yet rubbery anti-slip PAWGRIP surface, which provides significantly more traction than carpet.

Good traction is especially beneficial for breeds prone to back or joint issues as accidental slips have a higher chance of leading to injuries or causing these dogs to extend their joints past a comfortable range of motion.

Low-Incline Design and Wide Platforms

All of our full-fledged dog ramps also have a low-incline design. This means that DoggoRamps provide pups with a more gradual incline to and from their favorite hangout spots. A gentler incline can make a ramp easier to use and doesn’t require dogs dealing with joint problems to take unnecessarily big steps or lift their limbs.

As well, the DoggoRamps Large Bed Ramp features an extra-wide platform (19”). The additional width makes it more comfortable and convenient for Corgis to maneuver their longer bodies and even allows more than 1 Corgi to use the ramp at the same time.

A Corgi rests on the bed next to his Large Bed Ramp for Dogs
When reporting back on Morley the Corgi's experience with the DoggoRamps Large Bed Ramp, Jenn (Morley's Owner) wrote:

“It’s SOO hard to find a ramp that is tall enough for a normal height bed and not too steep. Morley is a nearly 50lb Cardigan Corgi - steps and super steep ramps just don’t work for his long backed body, and jumping is obviously dangerous. This ramp is great and so well made!”

Another Corgi paw-rent shared:

5-Star DoggoRamps Review from a Corgi Owner: "Small Dog Ramp Perfect for Corgi"

If you’re a Corgi owner whose pup enjoys spending time on the couch or bed, an indoor dog ramp can play a big role in creating a safer and more convenient home environment for your pup. Dog ramps provide Corgis with an alternative to jumping and an impact-free way of reaching their favorite places, which can help protect their backs and joints.

To learn more about choosing a DoggoRamp for your Corgi, check out:

Happy Ramping!

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