Terms & Conditions



DoggoRamps division of DCR Supply offers its products with the terms, conditions and notices as follows. The following terms and conditions apply to all sales and uses. Please review carefully. These terms and conditions include limited warranties and disclaimers of liabilities. Keeping, using or allowing use of DoggoRamp’s products indicates your agreement to these terms. If you do not wish to agree to these terms, you have 14 days from the date of purchase to return the unused product.

Terms of Use

This product is offered to you conditioned upon your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein.

Warnings & Use Limitation

This product is NOT designed or manufactured for use by persons or any animal aside from a household dog or cat weighing less than 30 lbs. Owner supervision is required when product is in use by the pet. The pet should not wear a collar or harness when using the product to avoid catching on the railings or other obtrusions that could result in choking or death, and the pet should not be left alone in the vicinity of the product while wearing a collar or harness. The pet’s nails should be kept trimmed to a reasonable shortness to avoid catching in any of the carpet fibers. Pets should not be encouraged, trained, or allowed to run, play, or jump on or off the product. Extra consideration, training, monitoring, and assistance should be given to animals that are elderly, physically limited, or are new/timid to using the product. Animals in wheelchairs should NOT be allowed on the ramp. At no time should more than one animal be allowed on the ramp at the same time. The product is solely designed to assist animals with walking up onto and off of a bed. The product is not designed for any other use, including use outdoors.

Before any use of the product, the purchase and owner of the animal MUST review the training and installation resources, and follow such instructions, to ensure the animal is safely and procedurally introduced to the product, and that the product is safely and properly installed. It is REQUIRED to install the safety rope mechanism that comes with each product.

Assumption of Risk & Liability

By buying, installing, or allowing your pet to use the product, you understand and agree that you are encouraging your pet to access and be on a high surface (bed). You fully accept the possibility and risk that the pet may not always use the product safely or at all, and thus is susceptible to incur injury from jumping off the bed or high surface. You also accept the possibility and risk of injury should the animal not use the product safely or in the manner intended, such as jumping off the ramp, jumping over the ramp, or attempting to crawl under the railings. The ramp is designed for use by one animal at a time. It is purchaser’s/owner’s responsibility to manage how many pets use the ramp at a time.

In no event shall DoggoRamps/DCR Supply’s liability exceed the value of the product(s) sold. In no event shall DoggoRamps/DCR Supply be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of any of its products.


Use and misuse of products sold by DoggoRamps/DCR Supply
involves serious risks including injury, disability and death. Purchasers assume all risks. This product must be inspected for use to ensure it has not been damaged in shipment. If damaged, do not use and immediately return the product to
DoggoRamps/DCR Supply for a replacement. Inspect before each use.

All in all, you, the purchaser or pet owner, by purchasing, setting up, and allowing your pet to use the ramp, you accept any and all risk that may potentially occur.

Guarantees & Warranty

No guarantees are given or implied to the product’s effectiveness, performance, or use by the animal. Training of the animal, and step-by-step practice for use of the product is highly recommended. However, despite training and practice, no guarantee exists, given or implied, that the animal will use the ramp, or use it properly. Lack of use or proper use is not considered a defect, void of warranty, or reason for return of the product. The product includes a 30 day warranty on manufacturer defects or shipping damage only, wherein the product must be returned within this timeframe in the same condition as received. Under no other circumstances is the product eligible for return.


Returns are only accepted for unused products within first 14 days of receiving the product. Refund payment will only be issued once return item is receiving at our fulfillment center and inspected. Items must be returned in original condition with all pieces and paperwork. Please email for instructions on how to return your item and be sure to follow all instructions. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of customers. 

Questions or concerns can be emailed direct DCR Supply/DoggoRamps via