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  • Dachshund going down ramp for bed

    The Small Dog Bed Ramp

    With an Adjustable, Low Incline Design + Safety Rails

  • Small dog bed ramp
  • DoggoRamps Bed Ramp for Small Dogs
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Beds are a dangerous place to jump from. If you own a dachshund or other small breed, you likely worry about them jumping off the bed and hurting themselves. 1 in 4 dachshunds for instance will have disc disease in their lifetime, so preventing injury is KEY.

But even if injury is not your worry, DoggoRamps lets your dog conveniently get on and off the bed with no hassle, meaning you get to enjoy more cuddle time, and save your own back in the process, too! 

adjustable height small dog ramp for tall and high beds

Bed Ramp for Small Dogs

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If you worry about your small dog jumping on and off the bed, the DoggoRamp bed ramp is the security you need. It's not only easier and more convenient for your dog, but it will also put you at ease knowing your dog has a safe and reliable way up and down.

  • Adjustable height for all beds between 12" to 37" tall.
  • Reversible & removable safety rails.
  • Holds up dogs up to 40lbs. (Have a heavier dog? See our large bed ramp).
  • Anti-slip PAWGRIP for incredible traction; better than slippery carpet!
  • Anchor rope for extra safety.
  • Fully assembled in the box (no tools required).
  • Includes our expert-developed training guide.
  • Made of solid hardwood.
  • Made in North America.
  • CHECK DIMENSIONS: 64" long, 14" wide at base (platform is 12" wide). Folds down to 3" high. Product weight: 23lbs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 304 reviews
The perfect ramp for two perfect dogs

I recently - yesterday - got both a 9 year old and an 8 week old miniature dachshunds. The 9 year old hesitated at first but I think it was only because he wanted the treats. He's a happy man now - up and down the ramp. I didn't even start to try with the 8 week old because he's so little. Ha! That lasted for all of an hour - when I heard a thump as he fell off the bed - right onto the ramp. I jumped up to see what happened and there he was just bopping up the ramp like he had been using one all his life. So I tried to use the preferred training method. But as anyone with dachshunds knows - they have minds of their own and quite obviously felt no need for training. It was just the easiest way for them to get to where they wanted to be. I've already shared the tale with some friends and one is ordering a ramp for her geriatric about it? Up for making a ramp that is only 4 inches wide? For the cats among us?

Great ramps with even better customer service!

Received my small bed ramp quickly and my dog took to it well next to the couch but when I had to elevate and move it for the bed he would go up but was scared to come down. I messaged the company for any advice and they responded quickly and it worked, he’s now going up and down the ramp. Thank you doggo ramps!


Cedric is an extremely tiny chihuahua and he loves to sleep on the bed, like most dogs do. However he couldn't possibly get on or off the bed on his own. We ended up being his human 'elevators' to the bed, then off the bed, back to bed, etc. It was exhausting! The DoggoRamps have given us and Little Cedric the freedom we needed. He just walks up the ramp to the bed when he wants to nap and if he needs water, he just runs down on the floor. He loves it!
It also looks great in our bedroom and will be perfect even for a king size bed that we are planning on getting soon. The way you can adjust the height of the ramp is by far the best on the market today. We have used other ramps and stairs before, but none of them fit as perfectly for high beds as this one.
If you hesitate to get one, then don't! Just get it and try it and maybe you get freedom for your dog and yourself too 😉

Paw-some Ramp

I love this ramp! It’s such great quality and perfect for my little chihuahua to get up on the bed without hurting himself. It comes with great instructions and training tips to get your pup used to the ramp as quickly and safely as possible. Such a great invention!

The BEST ramps!

I have 3 dachshunds, and after one of my boys had IVDD surgery we purchased the Doggo Ramps for our sofa and bed. We tried a few other brands, but replaced them with the Doggo Ramps. The materials are really good quality, and my dogs love them. My dogs were hesitant to use other brands because of the material used on the ramp, but they didn’t hesitate to use the Doggo ramp. Delivery was speedy too. I highly recommend!

Couch ramp is a Winner!

I got a couch ramp for our 11 year old mini dachshund. He has never used a ramp before, so I was concerned that he would not use it. The training instructions that came with the ramp made all the difference. We started with it flat on the floor for a couple of weeks to get him used to it being there, and then slowly increased the grade. It works perfectly! It is also very sturdy. My daughter’s 80 pound lab runs up and down on it, and it doesn’t move one bit. I highly recommend the Doggo Ramps for everyone. And did I mention- it looks great, too. Beautifully finished, fully functional. Four paws up.

Rocco is a Rock Star

I have 3 fur babies, ages 11, 6 and 4. My 11 year old, Rocco, is a miniature pinscher/yorkshire terrier mix. Rocco mastered within minutes! The other 2, we're working on it, but they will get it! Love the ramp. It's perfect because our bed is really high and this ramp enables them to go from ramp to bed easily. Highly recommend these ramps! Worth the money!!! Highly recommend DoggoRamps. The customer service is awesome!

My babies love their fancy walkway

Training my babies to use the ramp was fairly easy (I have 2 Pekingese). My dog Gazpacho doesn't trust cushion steps and his little bowlegs do not allow him to climb steps easily. He has a touch of arthritis in his front limbs as well, however he took to this ramp with ease climbing up to my bed slowly but securely. His legs and my back thank you for such a wonderful, sturdy product.

Best Couch and Bed Dog Ramps

We have ramps for both the couch and bed. They are very well designed and constructed. The materials used are superior. The couch ramp is the perfect size whereas competitors ramps are too wide. I can highly recommend this product. Most of all our miniature dachshund, Maya, loves them.

Love It!

We purchased the larger ramp for our 12 week cocker spaniel to get up and down on our 30” tall bed. As soon as we set it up, she ran up the ramp with no instruction at all. We showed her one time how to get down and that was all it took. She runs up and down that thing like a champ and is very proud of herself. Excellent product - thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shipping time and cost?

Shipping is 100% free for all orders to mainland USA & Canada.

Orders to the USA ship from Tennessee, and ship same day if order placed by 4pm ET, and take only 2-4 days to arrive anywhere across the USA.

Orders to Canada ship from Ontario and ship same day if order placed by noon ET, and take 3-7 days to arrive anywhere across Canada.

How do I train my dog to use the ramp?

In each product box, we include our expert-developed Training Steps Pamphlet which has been proven to be super effective and make a huge difference, especially for dogs that are more timid of new things. Plus, if you still experience any challenges, you can reach out to us and our time will personally guide you with training tips and coaching for your specific dog and scenario. 

What is the return policy?

If your ramp doesn't work out for whatever reason, we happily offer a flexible, hassle-free 60-day return period (read full policy here). If dog training/use is your issue, we always appreciate the opportunity to help. Reach out to us anytime at

Is there a warranty?

Yes! We stand behind the quality of our products, and proudly offer a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on all our products. Read the full policy here

I'm not sure which ramp to choose?

It first depends on whether you're looking for a couch or bed solution.

If you're looking for a couch solution, see our couch ramp which works for all dogs up to 150lbs.

If you're looking for a bed ramp, then it depends on the size of your dog. If you have a small dog under 40lbs, see our small dog bed ramp. If you have a dog over 40lbs, OR if you have several or more smaller dogs, choose our large bed ramp for the higher weight limit and wider platform. 

Still have a question?

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