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The new & improved DoggoRamp is the best bed ramp for small dogs to medium dogs under 40lbs, and the best dog ramp solution out there for both safety and convenience of allowing dogs on and off the bed. Vet recommended, dog trusted for an easier, safer way down without injury or effort.

  • Made from furniture-grade Maple hardwood
  • PAWGRIP anti-slip surface material
  • 12" wide platform
  • Adjustable in height from 12" up to 37"
  • Completely collapsible & portable
  • Reversible railings (total 3 railings)
  • Anchor rope for extra safety
  • For dogs up to 40lbs
  • Expert-developed training guide
  • Made in Ontario, Canada

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent product

The dogs are happy to be able to access our bed without help. We are still working on going down the ramp, but it shouldn't take long.

This is incredible!

Thanks to this product my dog can finally climb!

Absolutely Super, a Must Have for Wiener Dogs

We love this ramp. My husband and I rescue special needs & senior dogs, particularly dachshunds. We are on our 9th pupper! Love the easy assembly, that it folds flat for transport, the no slip grip, the adjustable height (we changed beds). I only wish we had spent the extra money to have it in the Walnut color to match our bed frame, but it’s fine in natural. My (ever so slight) complaint is that the railings do not seem to be as high quality as the rest of the ramp & they do pop out occasionally and look a bit cheesy.

Our newest rescue, 12-year-old Sadie learned to use it in less than a day & she trots up and rolls over and requests belly rubs anytime we are in the room. She will also calmly go into the bedroom and tuck herself in if we stay up too late watching TV. It took her a little longer to get the hang of using it going down; all I have to to is tap the top of the ramp where I want her to go, and she comes over and trots down.

Doxies are fearless and will jump from any height, AND they have terrible backs prone to great risk of disc injury. We used to use a couple of step ottomans to get the fur kids up to big bed, but even that was risky. We are grateful to have this excellent solution.

Shih Tzu Mix Approved!

This ramp is a game changer! My dog is almost 8 years old, and she has patellar luxation which has made it very painful and challenging for her to use stairs. I found this company on the internet via research, and I decided to give them a try. As soon as I set the ramp up, my dog was going up and down it with ease. She seems really happy, and the ramp seems to be very comfortable for her to use! I am so glad that I bought this ramp; it is a great investment! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Ramps We've Had

Our dogs love the DoggoRamps way more than the previous ramps we had! With the anti-slip surface, they no longer have to run before climbing and can stop at any time. The build quality and finish are also better than other products. We ended up replacing all the ramps we had for the bed and couch with DoggoRamps. We highly recommend them to any small dog parents!

Bed Ramp

Was looking for exactly for this type of ramp for our elderly doggies. After reading reviews and the features it was a must for us! We received the ramp and easy to put together however, the railings did not fit securely into the predrilled holes and upon investigating I could see where the flat ramp were drilled into portion where the posts rail should slide in to! With no way to resolve the issue we left it as it was and because they didn’t fit all the way, one of our doggies hit it enough to knock it off and crack the platform hole where the hole no longer fits. (as if it did from the beginning)
So, because of the poor craftsmanship and price we paid there should’ve been more attention to detail!

So sorry to hear this, Mario.. We wish you would have reached out to us first to give us a chance to make this better for you, as we always do for our customers. We can send you a replacement part or an entire replacement ramp since this one seemed to have a rare issue with a placement of the railing hole, depending on what's better for you. We are emailing you now!
bed ramp

I love the ramp! It is lightweight and built very well.My only issue was the rope cord wasn't long enough for my bed, so I made a longer one. I have one dog that is blind and another that has severe arthritis. While my blind pup isn't using without constant encouragement my other pup loves it. She likes to run up and down on the ramp, I also tied off the opposite end of the ramp for extra stability. Great product and I will be suggesting you to my many dog loving friends! Thank you

Its a HIT w/our Ween

Our baby ween’s back has always been a concern for us since we got her. And my hubs is a veterinarian so just any ramp would not do. Being huge Crusoe and Oakley fans brought us to the Doggo Ramps. Our Zoe was skeptical for a day - but after encouragement and treats - it was like old hat after the second day. The tread and the ability to adjust height for comfort really helps is so well made. Esp since my Zoe has started training for the Wiener Ramp Vaulting Olympics. She gives it her 4 PAW rating plus One for good luck and measure! Anyway - thank you! We really feel our girl’s back is being protected with a super high quality ramp and knowing how much u love ur weens just reinforces how much we trust in it and endorse it! High pawsers on all ends/aspects! Coming from a 30 year veterinary graduate - top compliments! ❤️🐾❤️🌭🌭🌭❤️❤️❤️

very helpful

the Doggo Ramp is wonderful. my older dachshund had back surgery, and the ramp is very helpful. I think it is a good investment for any dog.

Doggo Bed Ramp in Walnut

The ramp is amazing. The design is nice to look at as well as quality made. We ordered the Walnut to best go with our furniture and it is beautiful. We did the slow introduction (just laying on ground), because our kids a suspicious of new things. Then we adjusted height and put next to chair and didn't take long for our pups to use it to get up on the chair. Now we just need to move to the bedroom. This should be fun, because they are currently used to jumping up on the bed. I know they will get it, especially with our cat showing them how to use :-)
We bought the ramp to protect their legs and back. The ramp is definitely worth the cost. Thank you!!