Training/Installation Videos & Timeline Update for Natural Ramps

Hi all!

Another update for you here! The first part pertains to those who ordered natural/unstained ramps, falling into our first batch of ramps to be shipped out. We're on the home stretch here, with only minor details but we still want to keep you updated. So here it goes:

  • The transport truck had a few days delay getting to the factory which is why we're just a couple days behind here. But, ramps are currently ON the truck now on their way to our fulfillment center. 
  • Ramps should arrive there tomorrow, wherein they'll be offloaded, and then go right back out the door to you. This process shouldn't take more than 3-4 days, meaning ramps should be officially shipped by mid-next week. I know, every hour is adding up now and I know you are all anxious to get them, but we're almost there! 
  • Once ramps are shipped, you'll get an email with your tracking number. Some of you have been asking, and for the most part orders will be shipped with Fedex, although a small portion may be UPS or USPS. Your shipping confirmation email will confirm your carrier.
  • So, last reminder, if your shipping address has changed since you ordered, please send us an email directly (do not update directly in Indiegogo anymore). 

So, ramps won't be long now. In the meantime, we're happy to launch our Support Video section with our training video, installation video, and troubleshooting video.

We HIGHLY recommend - even insist, you check out these videos so you know the best way to introduce your dog to the ramp and get them acquainted with using it. And our installation video also demonstrates the mandatory safety rope installation. They're long videos, but there are some good tips in there, so please watch them :)

Stay tuned for any other updates & your shipping confirmation! And then we can't wait to see everyone using their DoggoRamps!


Thanks all,

DoggoRamps Team




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