Yay! Thank you all for your incredible patience as we brought this through the long process from a prototype to a manufactured product, and now it's finally on it's way to your doorstep! 

Hopefully you've read our past updates to know this is the first batch, of all the natural/unstained ramps which are shipping out. See our last update here for details regarding stained ramps. 

So, natural ramps shipped yesterday (Oct 9) from our fulfillment center in Florida.

- If you're in Florida or most southern states, ramp will be coming USPS and should take 2-3 days.

- For virtually rest of the states, will be coming UPS and should take 1-5 days.

- For Canada and other international orders, will be coming DHL and should take 4-10 days (bit longer for overseas, though)

- If you're in Ohio or some surrounding states, there are 75 orders being shipped directly from our factory via UPS, thus not coming from fulfillment center. 


So, everything is good - ramp is on its way and you should be receiving it in no time now! In the meantime, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be sure to check out the training and installation videos we released recently. These are very important to check out! 


Thanks all! Can't wait to see you all with your ramps! :)

- DoggoRamps Tream


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